Hilliard City Council welcomes and encourages residents and members of the public to express their opinions.  To provide for an orderly meeting and to ensure that adequate time is permitted for residents and members of the public to address Council, we ask that you follow these rules:

  • Any individual desiring to address Council should complete the appropriate speaker's sign-in sheet located on the table at the rear of the Council Chamber.
  • Once you have signed in please take a seat in the Council Chamber.  The Council President or a member of City Council will call upon you when it is your time to address Council.
  • To ensure that you are heard, please speak from the podium and into the microphone.  First, state your name and address and then begin speaking about the legislation or topic you identified on the speaker's sign-in sheet.
  • In order to ensure that each speaker has an opportunity to address Council, each speaker will be limited to three minutes.
  • Council requests that all speakers be respectful of each other.  Your address will not contain obscenity, commercial advertising, defamation of character, slander, nor shall a speaker be permitted to conduct his or herself in a disruptive manner.

Those citizens having special needs requests should contact Lynne Fasone, CMC / Council Aide at (614) 876-7361 X789 or lfasone@hilliardohio.gov two businesses days prior to the meeting to make appropriate arrangements.