2017 Contractor Registration Renewals
will be e-mailed to you in December.

Applications will be available on this website in January.

Contractor Registration The proof of General Liability coverage is $300,000..  
The City of Hilliard must be listed as the Certificate Holder.  
Electrical, HVAC, and Plumbing trades must provide proof of State License. 

List of Contractors registered for current year
If you can't find the form you are looking for, please e-mail us and we will send it to you.
jamicon@hilliardohio.gov  or  kharshbarger@hilliardohio.gov

Electrical, HVAC, and Plumbing

P-HVAC Permit ApplicationPDF42.92 KB Download
P-Electrical Permit ApplicationPDF34.62 KB Download
P- Plumbing Permit ApplicationPDF20.87 KB Download

Commercial Projects 

Includes Multi-family residential 4+ units

P-Building Permit ApplicationPDF271.21 KB Download
P-Zoning Application CertificatePDF178.97 KB Download
P-Commercial Construction WorksheetPDF452.77 KB Download
P-Information Sheet - CommercialPDF94.82 KB Download
P-Commercial Plan Review WorksheetPDF122.19 KB Download

Residential Projects 

Includes Multi-family residential 2 & 3 units

P-Information Sheet - ResidentialPDF265.97 KB Download
P-Building Permit ApplicationPDF271.21 KB Download
P-Zoning Application CertificatePDF178.97 KB Download

Miscellaneous Projects

P- Miscellaneous Permit ApplicationPDF205.23 KB Download
P- Roofing & Siding PermitPDF199.84 KB Download
P-Tent Permit ProcedurePDF88.85 KB Download

Homeowner Construction Projects

Work must be performed by the homeowner.  This does NOT include rental properties.

The "HOMEOWNER'S STATEMENT" must be completed with each form on this page. These applications are intended for projects that are being done by the homeowner's hands or  when the homeowner is acting as the general contractor.  (Not to be used for rental properties) 

P-Electrical Permit Application - Homeowner ProjectPDF40.46 KB Download
P-Fence Permit - Homeowner ProjectPDF86.09 KB Download
Homeowner StatementPDF142.40 KB Download

Zoning Code Enforcement

P-Sign ApplicationPDF152.80 KB Download
P-Fence PermitPDF86.09 KB Download

Accepted forms of payment: check, money order, and/or credit card