General Notes

Fire Hydrant SpecsPDF85.47 KB Download
General Notes (All Projects)PDF99.25 KB Download
General Notes For Erosion ControlPDF14.29 KB Download
General Notes for Maintenance of TrafficPDF10.98 KB Download
General Notes For Sanitary SewersPDF78.49 KB Download
General Notes For Storm SewersPDF24.94 KB Download
General Notes For Street LightingPDF173.66 KB Download
General Notes For Traffic ControlPDF14.23 KB Download
General Notes For Water LinesPDF92.84 KB Download
Special NotesPDF78.63 KB Download


Standard Drawings

Standard Drawing IndexPDF103.69 KB Download
BP-1 Bike Path Multi-Use Path DetailsPDF73.20 KB Download
CD-1 Curb Detail - Drop Curb at Drive EntrancesPDF53.19 KB Download
CG-1 Item 609 - Standard 6 Concrete Combined Curb & GutterPDF59.44 KB Download
CG-2 Item 609 - Special 8 Concrete Combined Curb & GutterPDF89.10 KB Download
CG-R1 Curb & Gutter RepairPDF28.90 KB Download
CI-1 Curb & Gutter InletPDF99.32 KB Download
CR-1 Curb Ramp StandardsPDF683.96 KB Download
CR-2 Curb Ramp RetrofitPDF26.79 KB Download
CS-1 Cad Standards - GeneralPDF68.63 KB Download
CS-2 Cad Standards - Storm Sanitary Water SymbolsPDF23.89 KB Download
CS-3 Cad Standards - Grading Erosion Control SymbolsPDF43.50 KB Download
CS-4 Cad Standards - Traffic Control SymbolsPDF51.28 KB Download
CS-5 Cad Standards - Street Lighting SymbolsPDF22.37 KB Download
CS-6 Cad Standards - LinetypesPDF68.99 KB Download
DD-1 Drive Detail Commercial EntrancePDF64.07 KB Download
DD-2 Drive Detail Residential EntrancePDF45.33 KB Download
DR-1 Debris Rack Detail - 12 to 36 Diameter PipePDF50.22 KB Download
DR-2 Debris Rack Detail - 42 to 84 Diameter PipePDF51.42 KB Download
DT-1 Direct Tap DetailPDF43.50 KB Download
ED-1 Eyebrow DetailPDF90.34 KB Download
EV-1 Emergency Vehicle Turning RequirementsPDF30.42 KB Download
FD-1 Finger Drain DetailPDF42.56 KB Download
FDC-1 Remote Fire Department ConnectionPDF31.10 KB Download
GR-1 4 x 12 Timber - Guardrail DetailsPDF31.32 KB Download
GW-1 Hilliard Wayfinding Signage - L1PDF188.66 KB Download
GW-2 Hilliard Wayfinding Signage - L2PDF187.45 KB Download
GW-3 Hilliard Wayfinding Signage - L3PDF185.64 KB Download
GW-4 Hilliard Wayfinding Signage - L4PDF205.85 KB Download
GW-4.1 Hilliard Wayfinding Signage - L4.1PDF170.88 KB Download
GW-5 Hilliard Wayfinding Signage - L5PDF178.92 KB Download
GW-6 Hilliard Wayfinding Signage - L6PDF152.69 KB Download
GW-7 Hilliard Wayfinding Signage - L7PDF146.31 KB Download
GW-8 Hilliard Wayfinding Signage - L8PDF189.14 KB Download
HP-1 Handicap Parking SignagePDF46.90 KB Download
ID-1 Intersection Detail - Typical Residential - 60' & 70' ROWPDF75.20 KB Download
ID-2 Intersection Detail - Old Hilliard DistrictPDF52.63 KB Download
ID-3 Intersection Detail - Local Street at Thoroughfare Plan StreetPDF48.87 KB Download
JC-1 Jack Casing DetailPDF85.66 KB Download
MHA-1 Manhole Adjusted to GradePDF41.09 KB Download
PW-1 Pavement Widening Detail w OverlayPDF73.10 KB Download
PW-2 Pavement Widening Detail wo OverlayPDF61.82 KB Download
RB-1 4 Removable BollardPDF95.19 KB Download
RB-2 6 Removable BollardPDF82.52 KB Download
ROW-1 Typical Roadway Cross-Sections & Right-Of-Way WidthsPDF48.46 KB Download
RP-1 Record Plat GuidelinesPDF107.22 KB Download
RP-2 Record Plat Dedication TextPDF97.43 KB Download
SL-1 Thoroughfare Street Pole BasePDF113.04 KB Download
SL-2 Thoroughfare Street Transformer Base Wiring DetailPDF125.03 KB Download
SL-3 Thoroughfare Street PolePDF207.38 KB Download
SL-4 Thoroughfare Street LuminairePDF141.16 KB Download
SL-5 Thoroughfare Street Old Hilliard Service EnclosurePDF274.61 KB Download
SL-6 Underground Conduit Trench DetailsPDF277.53 KB Download
SL-7 Local Street-Residential-commercial-mixed Pole BasePDF104.03 KB Download
SL-8 Local Street-Residential-commercial-mixed Pole and LuminairePDF105.74 KB Download
SL-9 Local Street-Residential Service EnclosurePDF145.30 KB Download
SL-10 Local Street-Commercial-mixed use Service EnclosurePDF267.02 KB Download
SL-11 Local Street-Residential Pull BoxPDF136.58 KB Download
SL-12 Conservation District Pole BasePDF116.35 KB Download
SL-13 Conservation District PolePDF174.40 KB Download
SL-14 Conservation District LuminairePDF146.94 KB Download
SL-15 Conservation District Transformer Base Wiring DetailPDF125.31 KB Download
SL-16 Old Hilliard Street Pole Base-Pole and LuminairePDF196.40 KB Download
SL-17 Conductor DetailsPDF94.61 KB Download
SL-18 Roundabout Lighting Typical LayoutPDF81.98 KB Download
SL-19 Retrofit of Existing LightingPDF91.65 KB Download
SM-1 Survey Marker - PermanentPDF51.83 KB Download
SP-1 Sample Plans - Typical Title Sheet Street PlanPDF88.26 KB Download
SP-2 Sample Plans - Typical Title Sheet Sanitary PlanPDF84.83 KB Download
SP-3 Sample Plans - General NotesPDF587.80 KB Download
SP-4 Sample Plans - General Notes & Estimate of QuantitiesPDF181.93 KB Download
SP-5 Sample Plans - Plan & Profile SheetPDF25.21 KB Download
SS-1 Storm Sewer Bridge DetailPDF34.87 KB Download
ST-1 Standard T Turn-A-RoundPDF32.54 KB Download
SW-1 Sidewalk SpecificationsPDF81.33 KB Download
TAB-1 Temporary Access BarricadePDF29.31 KB Download
TB-1 Temporary Barricade - RoadwayPDF33.36 KB Download
TC-1 Street Name Signs and SupportsPDF1.61 MB Download
TC-2 Regulatory, Warning and Guide Signs and SupportsPDF256.84 KB Download
TC-3 Conservation District Sign Post StandardsPDF82.88 KB Download
TC-4 School Zone FlasherPDF81.94 KB Download
TC-5 High Visibility Crosswalk DetailsPDF34.71 KB Download
TD-1 Trench Dam DetailPDF74.01 KB Download

Gateway Wayfinding

GW-L1_Pole SignPDF990.08 KB Download
GW-L2_Landscape Stds for signs parallel to ROWPDF458.87 KB Download
GW-L3_Landscape Stds for signs perpendicular to ROWPDF234.88 KB Download
GW-L4_Masonry-6 foot DOUBLEPDF1.26 MB Download
GW-L5_Masonry-6 foot SINGLEPDF1.20 MB Download
GW-L6_Masonry-9 foot DOUBLEPDF1.31 MB Download
GW-L7_Masonry-9 foot SINGLEPDF1.20 MB Download
GW-L8_Masonry-12 foot DOUBLEPDF1.24 MB Download
GW-L9_Masonry-12 foot SINGLEPDF1.21 MB Download
GW-L10_Wood Post-6 foot DOUBLEPDF1.11 MB Download
GW-L11_Wood Post-6 foot SINGLEPDF1.10 MB Download
GW-L12_Wood Post-9 foot DOUBLEPDF1.09 MB Download
GW-L13_Wood Post-9 foot SINGLEPDF1.09 MB Download
GW-L14_Wood Post-12 foot DOUBLEPDF1.16 MB Download
GW-L15_Wood Post-12 foot SINGLEPDF1.14 MB Download