Transportation Impact Study Guidelines >>>  The TIS Guidelines should be used by Developers and/or their Consultants  to determine and evaluate the effects of a proposed development on City of Hilliard streets, intersections, sidewalks, and pathways. 

Pedestrian and Bicycle Projects >>>  Hilliard supports walking and biking as safe, healthy and attractive alternatives to driving.

Roadway Projects >>>  Information about current and upcoming roadway construction projects.  

Traffic Count Database >>>  Public to access traffic count data instantaneously. 

Roundabouts >>>  Hilliard builds roundabouts because of their safety record, their compatibility with the environments, their aesthetics, and their ability to make it easier for pedestrians and bicyclists to navigate. In Hilliard, where roundabouts have replaced signals or stop signs at intersections, the number of injury accidents has been reduced significantly.