Cosgray Road Extension

Recommended Alternative

Roadway | Pedestrian/Bicycle | Stormwater 
Cosgray Road Extension Elevation

The Cosgray Road Extension project will reduce congestion, improve safety, enhance pedestrian and bicycle accessibility, and improve north-south connectivity. The project will accommodate future development on the Jerman Tract (zoning approved 2010).

Below are further details on the recommended roadway, pedestrian/bicycle, and stormwater components of this project.


The proposed Cosgray Road Extension will have:

  • 35-mph Speed Limit
  • Landscaped median
  • Roundabout at Soccer Field/Main Site Drive
  • Roundabout at Alton & Darby Creek Road

The Scioto Darby Road/Cosgray Road intersection will have:

  • Upgraded traffic signal meeting current city standards 
  • Westbound dual left-turn lanes
  • Additional southbound lane
  • Raised median to control access

To view a map of the proposed roadway features, click the link below.


The pedestrian and bicycle accommodations will include:

  • 10-foot multi-use paths on both sides of the extension
  • On-street bicycle lanes in both directions
  • Split median pedestrian crossing at numerous locations
  • Connection to the future regional trail system between Prairie Oaks Metro Park & Hilliard Municipal Park

To view a map of the proposed pedestrian and bicycle features, click the link below.


The Cosgray Road Extension project will exceed stormwater requirements for both the City of Hilliard and Big Darby Creek Watershed. Several measures will be considered to reduce runoff and improve water quality.

To view the stormwater management options that are being considered for this project, click the link below.