Scioto Darby Road and Leppert Road Improvements


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Final design of the Scioto Darby and Leppert Road Improvements is underway. Improvements include:

  • Two through lanes of traffic in each direction along Scioto Darby Road from Leppert Road to Bradford Drive.
  • Construction of two modern roundabouts along Scioto Darby Road, one at the intersection of Leppert Road and the other at Veterans Memorial Drive.
  • Construction of new asphalt multi-use paths along both sides of Scioto Darby Road from Veterans Memorial Drive to the existing paths located just east of Cosgray Road.
  • Construction of a new asphalt multi-use path along the east side of Leppert Road from Scioto Darby Road north to the Heritage Rail Trail.
  • Construction of new asphalt multi-use paths on both sides of Veterans Memorial Drive from Scioto Darby Road south to the existing municipal park pedestrian facilities.
  • Full street lighting along Scioto Darby Road and partial lighting of Leppert Road to illuminate pedestrian crossings.
  • Mid-block pedestrian crossings at select locations protected by curbed medians and/or user activated flashing beacons.
  • Traffic calming elements including raised crosswalks at the roundabouts and a raised intersection at Leppert Road and Laura Lane.

In keeping with the City of Hilliard’s Comprehensive Plan, the primary goal for the Scioto Darby and Leppert Road improvement projects is to provide a safe, convenient and sustainable environment for non-motorized travel by constructing a connected network of pedestrian and cycling facilities. This is supported by roadway improvements that will improve traffic flow, reduce vehicular speeds and enhance safety for all users.

Hilliard City Council Presentation

Following the public meeting held on November 16, 2015 a presentation about the project was made to Hilliard City Council. Click on the link below to view a copy of the presentation which includes key design elements, the project timeline and plans for maintenance of traffic during construction.


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