Scioto Darby Road and Leppert Road Improvements - Pedestrian & Bicycle Improvements

Pedestrian & Bicycle Improvements

The primary goal of the Scioto Darby Road and Leppert Road Improvements Project is to provide a safe, convenient and sustainable environment for non-motorized travel by constructing a connected network of pedestrian and cycling facilities. This is supported by roadway improvements that will improve traffic flow, reduce vehicular speeds and enhance safety for all users.

The design includes the addition of off-street multi-use paths along Scioto Darby Road and Leppert Road for use by pedestrians and casual bicyclists.

Confident or faster moving bicyclists will be accommodated on the street with bicycle lanes or wider paved shoulders.


To improve the safety of street crossings for pedestrians and bicyclists, the design also includes the use of pedestrian-actuated Rectangular Rapid Flash Beacons (RRFBs) in combination with raised center islands at four mid-block crossings at the following locations:

  • On Leppert Road south of Laura Lane, connecting the Hoffman Farms neighborhood to Hilliard Darby High School
  • On Leppert Road at the Heritage Trail crossing, similar to the existing crossing at Cosgray Road.
  • On Leppert Road north of Scioto Darby Road connecting the south corner of the Hoffman Farms neighborhood to Heritage Middle School and Hilliard Darby High School.
  • Modifications will be made to the crossing with median installed on Scioto Darby Road west of Darby Park in 2015.

Most of the crosswalks at the two new roundabouts, as well as the intersection of Leppert Road and Laura Lane, will be gradually sloped and raised to slow vehicle speeds along the corridor and encourage a more pedestrian-friendly environment.

Project Updates

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