The traffic counts are classified into (2) categories:

Intersection counts.  These typically include turning movements and are broken down by fifteen minute segments for one or more hours in the day.

Street segment counts.  These are typically tube counts taken over one or more days and provides Average Daily Traffic (ADT) along a street segment.

Alton Darby Creek_Scioto Darby Creek_11June1996PDF112.46 KB Download
Alton Darby Rd_N of Roberts Rd_Oct2008PDF15.08 KB Download
Alton Darby Rd_S of Davis Rd_Oct2008PDF15.12 KB Download
Alton Darby_Davis_03Nov2005PDF843.67 KB Download
Alton Darby_Davis_15Oct2008PDF12.79 KB Download
Alton Darby_RobertsEast_04May2006PDF857.85 KB Download
Alton Darby_RobertsWest_09May2006PDF849.99 KB Download
Alton Darby_S of Scioto Darby_13March2000PDF33.15 KB Download
AltonDarby_Davis.11Dec2012PDF58.74 KB Download
AltonDarby_S of Davis_Dec2012PDF88.97 KB Download
AltonDarby_S of Davis-ADT_13Dec2012PDF11.41 KB Download
Anson Drive_Lyman Drive_20March1997PDF98.67 KB Download
Avery Rd_Hayden Run Rd_2012-FCEOPDF1.40 MB Download
Avery Rd_S of Hayden Run Rd_Oct2008PDF15.15 KB Download
Avery Rd_S of NW Pkwy_Oct2008PDF15.14 KB Download
Avery Road_Davidson Road_22January1998PDF264.09 KB Download
Avery road_hayden Run Road_4,8September1987PDF95.52 KB Download
Avery Road_Hayden Run Road_12October1999PDF186.48 KB Download
Avery Road_Hayden Run Road_29August1996PDF144.13 KB Download
Avery Road_Hayden Run Road_29March2000PDF37.68 KB Download
Avery Road_Northwest Parkway_18April2000PDF35.06 KB Download
Avery Road_S of Hayden Run N of Wallington_16May2003PDF202.68 KB Download
Avery Road_S of Weaver Dwy N of Taylor Ln_16May2003PDF207.83 KB Download
Avery_Davidson_18Nov2008PDF23.00 KB Download
Avery_Gaymon_02February1999PDF60.43 KB Download
Avery_NWPkwy_19Mar2009PDF26.15 KB Download
Avery_S of Highland Meadows_27Aprril2000PDF38.61 KB Download
Avery_S of Wallington_27April2000PDF44.88 KB Download
AltonDarby_Walker.2005.0718PDF1.07 MB Download
Anson Dr_Between Britton and Leap_Apr2015PDF26.53 KB Download
Berry Leaf Drive_13May2000PDF21.63 KB Download
Britton_BrittonFarms.AMPk.Dec2014PDF12.85 KB Download
Britton_BrittonFarms.PMPk.Dec2014PDF9.72 KB Download
Britton Pkwy_N of Cemetery_11Dec2006PDF56.91 KB Download
Britton Farms Drive_Davidson Road_Leap Road_11April2000PDF36.06 KB Download
Britton Pkwy_N of Davidson_May2009PDF15.07 KB Download
Britton Pkwy_N of Hayden Run_May2009PDF254.67 KB Download
Britton Pkwy_S of Davidson_May2009PDF14.54 KB Download
Britton Pkwy_S of Hayden Run_May2009PDF15.18 KB Download
Britton Pkwy_S of Reynolds_Apr2009PDF14.97 KB Download
Britton Rd_Davidson Rd_18March1997PDF136.33 KB Download
Britton Rd_Davidson Rd_19march1997PDF98.06 KB Download
Britton Rd_N of Davidson Rd_speed_May2007PDF27.50 KB Download
Britton Rd_N of Davidson Rd_vol_May2007PDF9.66 KB Download
Britton Road_Davidson Road_11April2000PDF32.79 KB Download
Britton Rd_S of Hayden Run Rd_speed_May2007PDF27.70 KB Download
Britton Road_Britton Farms Drive-Compuserve Drive_12February1998PDF181.10 KB Download
Britton_Farms_at_Britton_360787_11-01-2016PDF28.53 KB Download
Britton Road_S of Hayden N of Carrington_05June2003PDF67.75 KB Download
Britton Rd_S of Hayden Run Rd_vol_May2007PDF9.66 KB Download
Britton Road_S of Hayden Run Road_24April2000PDF31.26 KB Download
Britton_at_Hayden_Run_360725_11-01-2016PDF28.89 KB Download
Britton_Davidson_13May2009PDF334.90 KB Download
Britton_South of Hayden Run_NB_11June2006PDF819.17 KB Download
Britton_South of Hayden Run_SB_11June2006PDF834.40 KB Download
Brown Park Drive_13May2000PDF22.46 KB Download
Brown Park Drive_Cemetery Road_14April2000PDF35.17 KB Download
Britton Pkwy_Anson Dr_22Apr2015PDF18.75 KB Download
Britton Pkwy_Between Cemetery and All Seasons_Apr2015PDF48.28 KB Download
Britton Pkwy_All Seasons Dr_22Apr2015PDF18.76 KB Download
Britton at Cemetery - 24 Hour ADT TemplatePDF69.13 KB Download
Britton Pkwy_Between Anson and Davidson_Apr2015PDF27.00 KB Download
Britton at Reynolds - 24 Hour ADT TemplatePDF68.91 KB Download
Britton Pkwy_Davidson Rd_23Apr2015PDF18.98 KB Download
Britton Pkwy_Reynolds Dr_21Apr2015PDF37.28 KB Download
Camden Pl_N of Hayden Run_Jun2009PDF15.27 KB Download
Cemetery Rd EB to I270NB On Ramp_May2009PDF18.88 KB Download
Cemetery Rd WB_W of Trueman_May2009PDF18.74 KB Download
Cemetery Rd EB to I270SB On Ramp_May2009PDF7.88 KB Download
Cemetery Rd WB to I270NB On Ramp_May2009PDF19.88 KB Download
Cemetery Rd WB_btwn loop ramps_May2009PDF18.58 KB Download
Cemetery Rd WB to I270SB On Loop Ramp_May2009PDF19.39 KB Download
Cemetery Rd_E of Lyman_May2009PDF30.35 KB Download
Cemetery Rd_JWReasonElem_14December1995PDF35.77 KB Download
Cemetery Rd_W of Britton_Apr2009PDF15.11 KB Download
Cemetery Rd_W of Leap_Apr2009PDF22.95 KB Download
Cemetery Rd_W of Norwich_Oct2008PDF15.19 KB Download
Cemetery Road_BerryLeaf_Westbrook_18April2000PDF35.43 KB Download
Cemetery Road_DanaCorpDwy_13April2000PDF31.81 KB Download
Cemetery Road_E of Lacon Road_29April2000PDF47.92 KB Download
Cemetery Road_Hill Crest Street West_18April2000PDF30.52 KB Download
Cemetery Road_I-270_27July1998PDF196.86 KB Download
Cemetery Road_Kroger Dwy_14April2000PDF32.43 KB Download
Cemetery Road_Luxair Road_20April2000PDF35.00 KB Download
Cemetery Road_Norwich_23May2000PDF33.61 KB Download
Cemetery Road_Outer Street_23May2000PDF31.01 KB Download
Cemetery Road_Parkway Lane_13April2000PDF32.33 KB Download
Cemetery Road_W of Leap Road_22April2000PDF44.55 KB Download
Cemetery_29November1995PDF448.45 KB Download
Cemetery_BerryLeaf_Westbrook_07Apr2009PDF17.72 KB Download
Cemetery_BerryLeaf_Westbrook28May1998PDF39.97 KB Download
Cemetery_Britton_08Apr2009PDF33.45 KB Download
Cemetery_Britton_SAT02May2009PDF18.00 KB Download
Cemetery_BrownPk_01Apr2009PDF19.41 KB Download
Cemetery_E of Main_22April2000PDF41.77 KB Download
Cemetery_Fishinger_Old Cemetary_17February1999PDF56.89 KB Download
Cemetery_Fishinger_Old Cemetery_17February1999PDF61.46 KB Download
Cemetery_Fishinger_Trueman.Oct2012PDF1.38 MB Download
Cemetery_Fishinger_Trueman_11May2009PDF8.65 KB Download
Cemetery_Fishinger_Trueman_SAT09May2009PDF8.15 KB Download
Cemetery_I-270_18March1999PDF236.45 KB Download
Cemetery_I270NB Exit Ramp_05May2009PDF8.47 KB Download
Cemetery_I270NB Exit Ramp_SAT02May2009PDF8.08 KB Download
Cemetery_I270SB Exit Ramp_05May2009PDF8.43 KB Download
Cemetery_I270SB Exit Ramp_SAT02May2009PDF8.04 KB Download
Cemetery_I270SB Ramps_ADT1989PDF92.46 KB Download
Cemetery_I270SB_05December1995PDF53.21 KB Download
Cemetery_JWReasonElem_16Apr2009PDF19.21 KB Download
Cemetery_JWReasonElem_18April2000PDF29.75 KB Download
Cemetery_KrogerDwy_15Apr2009PDF16.21 KB Download
Cemetery_Lacon_09Apr2009PDF17.59 KB Download
Cemetery_Lacon_22January1996PDF40.69 KB Download
Cemetery_Leap_10May2000PDF35.73 KB Download
Cemetery_Leap_14Apr2009PDF29.90 KB Download
Cemetery_Leap_SAT18Apr2009PDF18.08 KB Download
Cemetery_LeapADTs_8-10March2005PDF54.39 KB Download
Cemetery_LeapADTs_10March2005PDF92.98 KB Download
Cemetery_Luxair_Franklin_12Mar2009PDF154.37 KB Download
Cemetery_Luxair_Franklin_Nov2012PDF20.01 KB Download
Cemetery_Lyman_05May2009PDF33.32 KB Download
Cemetery_Lyman_SAT02May2009PDF17.96 KB Download
Cemetery_Main_AMPk_06Nov2013PDF141.11 KB Download
Cemetery_Main_PMPk_05Nov2013PDF141.04 KB Download
Cemetery_Main_SchoolPMPk_05Nov2013PDF139.02 KB Download
Cemetery_NB I-270 Exit Ramp.Nov2012PDF1.14 MB Download
Cemetery_Norwich_02Apr2009PDF29.87 KB Download
Cemetery_Norwich_29November1995PDF56.47 KB Download
Cemetery_Norwich_SAT04Apr2009PDF17.91 KB Download
Cemetery_Norwich28January1999PDF57.96 KB Download
Cemetery_ParkwayLn_08March1999PDF19.88 KB Download
Cemetery_W of Main Street_20April2000PDF24.73 KB Download
Cemetery_W of Luxair_22April2000PDF52.74 KB Download
Cemetery_W of Norwich_22April2000PDF44.86 KB Download
Cemetery_W of Norwich_Oct2008PDF184.60 KB Download
Cemetery_Westbrk_Brylf_18February1999PDF72.12 KB Download
Cemetery_WofLyman_11Dec2006PDF70.38 KB Download
Cemetery_at_Scioto_Darby_400323_04-11-2017PDF27.88 KB Download
Cemetery_at_Main_400320_04-11-2017PDF36.50 KB Download
Comparing 1999 and 2000 counts with Earlier YearsPDF101.92 KB Download
Comparing 1999,2000 and 2001 Counts with Earlier YearsPDF142.22 KB Download
Cosgray Rd NB - South of Hoffman Farms Dr_Sep2011PDF46.35 KB Download
Cosgray Rd NB - South of Homestead Park_Sep2011PDF46.38 KB Download
Cosgray Rd SB - South of Hoffman Farms Dr_Sep2011PDF46.33 KB Download
Cosgray Rd SB - South of Homestead Park_Sep2011PDF46.38 KB Download
Cosgray Rd_at Homestead Park_Oct2008PDF22.44 KB Download
Cosgray Rd_Scioto Darby Creek Rd_29June1995PDF107.69 KB Download
Cosgray Road_Hayden Run Road_10April2000PDF34.77 KB Download
Cosgray Road_Hayden Run Road_12January1995PDF224.00 KB Download
Cosgray Road_Hoffman Farms_Location 1_07March2006PDF115.74 KB Download
Cosgray Road_N of Hoffman Farms S of Rails to Trails_09March2006PDF82.58 KB Download
Cosgray Road_N of Hoffman S of Rails to Trails_08May2003PDF163.89 KB Download
Cosgray Road_S of Parkmeadow_06May2003PDF57.93 KB Download
Cosgray Road_S of Parkmeadow_08May2003PDF155.96 KB Download
Cosgray Road_S of Woodsview_09March2006PDF85.84 KB Download
Cosgray Road_Hoffman Farms_Location 3_07March2006PDF115.95 KB Download
Cosgray Road_Scioto & Darby Creek Road_16March2000PDF32.02 KB Download
Cosgray Road_Scioto Darby Creek Road_29June1995PDF87.77 KB Download
Cosgray_Hayden Run_26June2002PDF122.53 KB Download
Cosgray_N of Hayden Run_11May2000PDF40.30 KB Download
Cosgray_N of Hoffman_S of Rails to Trails_08May2003PDF61.15 KB Download
Cosgray_N of SciotoDarby_Dec2012PDF88.72 KB Download
Cosgray_N of SciotoDarby-ADT_13Dec2012PDF11.42 KB Download
Cosgray_Woodsview_11Mar2009PDF32.14 KB Download
Cosgray_N of Scioto Darby_11May2000PDF52.42 KB Download
Cemetery Rd_I270 SB Ramp_21Apr2015PDF29.89 KB Download
Cemetery Road - Lyman Drive - 2015 Traffic Count Map - CompactPDF754.56 KB Download
Cemetery Rd_Lyman Dr__21Apr2015PDF37.75 KB Download
Cemetery Rd_Britton Pkwy_21Apr2015PDF38.27 KB Download
Darby Glen_12May2000PDF22.05 KB Download
Davidson Rd_Britton Rd_15December1994PDF68.88 KB Download
Davidson Rd_btwnRRandLeap_Oct2008PDF15.11 KB Download
Davidson Rd_Britton Rd_27December1994PDF80.73 KB Download
Davidson Rd_Dexter Falls-Coolbrook_27December1994PDF77.29 KB Download
Davidson Rd_Dublin Rd_27December1994PDF77.26 KB Download
Davidson Rd_E of Britton_May2009PDF15.10 KB Download
Davidson Rd_Hernden Dr_16December1994PDF71.85 KB Download
Davidson Rd_Faber Row_16December1994PDF74.31 KB Download
Davidson Rd_River Run Drive_15December1994PDF71.38 KB Download
Davidson Rd_Shirtzinger_13December1994PDF71.15 KB Download
Davidson Rd_W of Britton_May2009PDF15.13 KB Download
Davidson Rd_W of I270_Apr2009PDF21.10 KB Download
Davidson Rd_W of Leybourne_Oct2008PDF15.11 KB Download
Davidson Road_Britton Road_23March1998PDF232.59 KB Download
Davidson Road_Dublin Road_16-17March1987PDF88.83 KB Download
Davidson Road_HS-MS Dwy_12April2000PDF36.45 KB Download
Davidson Road_Leap Road_26February1998PDF211.72 KB Download
Davidson_btwnBrixtonCt-BrixtonDr_ Apr2006PDF19.57 KB Download
Davidson_btwnLeap-Britton_EB_11June2006PDF528.76 KB Download
Davidson_btwnLeap-Britton_WB_11June2006PDF520.23 KB Download
Davidson_btwnLeppert-Brixshire_Apr2006PDF19.64 KB Download
Davidson_btwnLeybourne-Stonehill_Apr2006PDF19.61 KB Download
Davidson_btwnWallington-Drayton_Apr2006PDF19.83 KB Download
Davidson_Coolbrook_DexFls_16February1999PDF62.80 KB Download
Davidson Road_I-270_26April2000PDF23.83 KB Download
Davidson_Coolbrook_DexFls_17Mar2009PDF32.37 KB Download
Davidson_E of Leppert_27March2000PDF53.38 KB Download
Davidson_Leap_26Feb2009PDF23.07 KB Download
Davidson_Leppert_22Oct2008PDF20.42 KB Download
Davidson_RR_27April2000PDF42.23 KB Download
Davidson_Schirtzinger_11February1999PDF56.02 KB Download
Davidson_Schirtzinger_17Mar2009PDF26.08 KB Download
Davidson_Trueman_25Feb2009PDF22.73 KB Download
Davidson_W of Avery_27March2000PDF31.99 KB Download
Davidson_W of Britton_26April2000PDF24.40 KB Download
Davidson_W of Layborne_27March2000PDF32.87 KB Download
Davidson_at_Britton_360735_11-01-2016 (1)PDF28.96 KB Download
Davidson_at_Britton_360735_11-01-2016PDF28.96 KB Download
Davis Rd_W of Alton Darby_Oct2008PDF15.06 KB Download
DexterFalls_S of Hayden Run_May2009PDF256.74 KB Download
Dexter_Falls_at_Davidson_360770_11-01-2016PDF41.61 KB Download
Dexter_Falls_at_Hayden_Run_360766_11-01-2016PDF22.56 KB Download
Dublin Rd_Davidson Rd_28July1992PDF259.30 KB Download
Dublin Rd_N of Schirtzinger_Mar2009PDF15.09 KB Download
Dublin Rd_N of Shire Mill_Mar2009PDF252.00 KB Download
Dublin Road_Davidson Road_26March1998PDF234.96 KB Download
Dublin Road_Fishinger Blvd_18March1999PDF20.79 KB Download
Dublin Road_Hilliard Cemetary Road_02-03March1987PDF97.25 KB Download
Dublin_Davidson_11Feb2009PDF22.76 KB Download
Dublin_Fishinger_24Feb2009PDF23.29 KB Download
Dublin_Fishinger.Nov2012PDF1.40 MB Download
Davidson Rd_DexterFalls-Coolbrook_2014.02.25PDF499.50 KB Download
Davidson Rd_Trueman_2014.02.26PDF796.27 KB Download
Davidson Rd_Between Leap and Britton_Apr2015PDF27.06 KB Download
Edwards Farms Dr_N of Hayden Run_Jun2009PDF15.13 KB Download
Edwards_Farm_at_Hayden_Run_360754_11-01-2016PDF28.71 KB Download
Elliot Road_Hayden Run Road_14July1998PDF168.77 KB Download
Elliot Road_N of Scioto & Darby Creek Road_13March2000PDF20.74 KB Download
Elliot Road_Hayden Run road_18August1994PDF107.35 KB Download
Elliot_Scioto Darby_East Bound_29June1999PDF153.79 KB Download
Elliot Road_Scioto & Darby Creek Road_15March2000PDF34.46 KB Download
Elliot_Scioto Darby_South Bound_29June1999PDF381.07 KB Download
Elliot_Scioto Darby_West Bound_29June1999PDF157.59 KB Download
Fishinger Blvd EB_E of Trueman_May2009PDF18.70 KB Download
Fishinger Blvd_Hilliard-Cemetary Road_16March1999PDF18.63 KB Download
Fishinger Blvd_Park Mill Run_16March1999PDF19.42 KB Download
Fishinger Blvd_S of Park Mill Run_Apr2009PDF21.68 KB Download
Fishinger Blvd_Spring Mill Drive_17March1999PDF20.30 KB Download
Fishinger Road_Park Mill_10February1999PDF55.95 KB Download
Fishinger Road_Spring Mill-Mill Run_18March1999PDF40.78 KB Download
Fishinger_Park Mill Run_29Apr2009PDF33.52 KB Download
Fishinger_Park Mill Run_Sat25Apr2009PDF18.15 KB Download
Fishinger_Park Mill_10February1999PDF60.29 KB Download
Fishinger_ParkMillRun_24Apr2003PDF38.85 KB Download
Fishinger_Ridge Mill_30November1995PDF46.11 KB Download
Fishinger_Spring Mill_06December1995PDF62.35 KB Download
Frazel Road_W of Tinapple Road_24April2000PDF19.24 KB Download
Frazell Road_N of Roberts Road_28April2000PDF16.97 KB Download
Frazell Road_N of Roberts Road_Oct2008PDF21.25 KB Download
Frazell Road_W of Hyde Park E of Bohlen_21May2003PDF190.09 KB Download
Frazell_Tinapple_Hyde Park_26June2000PDF67.66 KB Download
Fishinger _Smiley.Nov2012PDF1.66 MB Download
Fishinger_Mill Run Dr.Sep2012PDF1.39 MB Download
Fishinger_Park Mill Run-Ridge Mill.Sep2012PDF1.40 MB Download
Fishinger_Spring Mill Dr.Oct2012PDF1.40 MB Download
Gillette Drive_13May2000PDF18.36 KB Download
Hayden Run EB - West of Heritage Rail Trail_Sep2011PDF46.01 KB Download
Hayden Run Rd_W of Dublin_May2009PDF21.77 KB Download
Hayden Run Rd_W of Wilcox_Mar2009PDF15.12 KB Download
Hayden Run Road_Britton Road_3February1998PDF180.31 KB Download
Hayden Run Road_Britton Road_31March2000PDF38.03 KB Download
Hayden Run Road_Elliott Road_27March2000PDF31.38 KB Download
Hayden Run Road_Leppert Road_28March2000PDF30.67 KB Download
Hayden Run Rd_W of Britton_May2009PDF15.12 KB Download
Hayden Run Rd_E of Britton_May2009PDF15.14 KB Download
Hayden Run Rd_E of I270_Apr2009PDF20.31 KB Download
Hayden Run Road_W of wilcox @ Corp Line_05June2003PDF123.97 KB Download
Hayden Run_Edwards Farms_2014.02.20PDF454.15 KB Download
HaydenRun_EdwardsFarms_2013.12.11PDF546.04 KB Download
Hayden Run WB - West of Heritage Rail Trail_Sep2011PDF46.09 KB Download
Hayden Run_Avery_06Nov2008PDF23.06 KB Download
Hayden Run_Britton_13May2009PDF341.37 KB Download
Hayden Run_Cosgray_20Nov2008PDF23.14 KB Download
Hayden Run_Cosgray_East Bound_01October1999PDF381.91 KB Download
Hayden Run_Cosgray_North Bound_01October1999PDF394.14 KB Download
Hayden Run_Cosgray_South Bound_01October1999PDF385.48 KB Download
Hayden Run_Cosgray_West Bound_01October1999PDF387.64 KB Download
Hayden Run_East of Britton_EB_11June2006PDF869.13 KB Download
Hayden Run_East of Britton_WB_11June2006PDF869.08 KB Download
Hayden Run_Leppert_19Nov2008PDF22.87 KB Download
Hayden Run_Leppert Road_01July1994PDF257.55 KB Download
Hayden Run_W and E of Cosgray Road_15May2000PDF33.81 KB Download
Hayden Run_West of Britton_EB_11June2006PDF880.96 KB Download
Hayden Run_West of Britton_WB_11June2006PDF863.60 KB Download
Hayden Run_Wilcox Warrant_31Mar2009PDF17.37 KB Download
Hayden Run_Wilcox_08February1999PDF58.86 KB Download
Hayden Run_Wilcox_31Mar2009PDF17.35 KB Download
HaydenRun_Btwn Britton-I270_speed_May2007PDF27.73 KB Download
HaydenRun_Btwn Britton-I270_vol_May2007PDF9.66 KB Download
HaydenRun_Btwn Wilcox-Britton_speed_May2007PDF27.61 KB Download
HaydenRun_Btwn Wilcox-Britton_vol_May2007PDF9.66 KB Download
Hayden Run Rd_Wilcox Rd.2017.04.19PDF1.64 MB Download
Heritage Club Drive North_08May2000PDF16.73 KB Download
High School Drive_17April2000PDF19.80 KB Download
HilliardCem_E of Trueman_Apr2009PDF15.18 KB Download
Hilliard-Cemetery_Fishinger_23January1996PDF56.03 KB Download
Hilliard SQ_Cemetary_29November1995PDF43.93 KB Download
Hilliard Rome Road_Heritage Club Drive_01Septembet1998PDF67.52 KB Download
Hilliard Rome_Hyde Park_09February1999PDF59.57 KB Download
Hilliard Rome Rd_N of Roberts_Jun2009PDF21.21 KB Download
Hilliard Rome Rd_Roberts Rd_29January1992PDF19.11 KB Download
Hilliard Rome Road_Fisher Feder Road_30July2001PDF126.69 KB Download
Hilliard Rome Road_Frazell Road_09September1998PDF62.31 KB Download
Hilliard Rome Road_Gillette Ave_01September1998PDF65.04 KB Download
Hilliard Rome Road_Luther Lane_02September1998PDF64.17 KB Download
Hilliard Rome Road_S of Tinapple N of Hyde Park_23May2003PDF23.68 KB Download
Hilliard Rome Road_Springdale-Hyde Park_08December1994PDF39.89 KB Download
Hilliard Rome Road_Tinapple rd_02September1998PDF26.72 KB Download
Hilliard Rome_Tinapple_30Oct2008PDF18.06 KB Download
Hilliard_S of Tinapple_28April2000PDF17.67 KB Download
Hilliard Rome Road_Springdale-Hyde Park_Jan-Oct.1992PDF116.66 KB Download
Huntwicke_4523_May2012PDF233.30 KB Download
Intersection Count Locations_19january1998PDF53.10 KB Download
I270NB to WB Cemetery Exit Loop Ramp_May2009PDF18.95 KB Download
I270NB to EB Cemetery Exit Ramp_May2009PDF18.95 KB Download
I270 SB Exit Ramp to CemeteryEBWB_May2009PDF18.94 KB Download
Langton_S of Hayden Run Rd_Oct2008PDF20.90 KB Download
Leap Rd_N of Edgewyn_Apr2009PDF21.16 KB Download
Leap Rd_Reynolds_19March1997PDF126.95 KB Download
Leap Rd_S of Cemetery_Apr2009PDF15.63 KB Download
Leap Rd_S of NW Pkwy_Mar2009PDF15.03 KB Download
Leap Road_ S of Midlane Drive_17April2000PDF23.03 KB Download
Leap Road_Cemetary Road_21October1998PDF70.86 KB Download
Leap Road_N of Scioto Darby Road_08May2000PDF23.66 KB Download
Leap Road_P.O._22February2000PDF91.85 KB Download
Leap Road_Reynolds Road_Deer Park_12April2000PDF37.10 KB Download
Leap Road_S of Davidson Road_24April2000PDF19.80 KB Download
Leap Road_S of Northwest Parkway_24April2000PDF19.00 KB Download
Leap Road_Scioto Darby Road_DarbyGlen_24May2000PDF34.18 KB Download
Leap_Cemetary_27February1996PDF53.52 KB Download
Leap_N of Reynolds_speed_May2007PDF27.65 KB Download
Leap_N of Reynolds_vol_May2007PDF9.67 KB Download
Leap_Scioto Darby_27January1999PDF25.22 KB Download
Leap_UDF-Lee's_22February2000PDF98.48 KB Download
Leap-Darby Glen_Scioto Darby Road_27January1999PDF31.97 KB Download
Leppert Rd NB - South of Davidson Rd_Apr2011PDF26.58 KB Download
Leppert Rd NB - South of Schoolway Dr_Apr2011PDF26.53 KB Download
Leppert Rd SB - South of Davidson Rd_Apr2011PDF26.52 KB Download
Leppert Rd SB - South of Schoolway Dr_Apr2011PDF26.48 KB Download
Leppert Rd_S of Hayden Run Creek_Oct2008PDF15.06 KB Download
Leppert Road_Hilliard Darby High School_24April2000PDF18.21 KB Download
Leppert Road_N of Darby HS S of Rails to Trails_08May2003PDF156.49 KB Download
Leppert Road_N of School_03April2000PDF68.19 KB Download
Leppert Road_S of Hayden Run Road_27March2000PDF20.48 KB Download
Leppert Road_S of Rails to Trails_09March2006PDF9.71 KB Download
Leppert Road_Schoolway Dr_Location 2_07March2006PDF113.78 KB Download
Leppert Road_Schoolway Dr_Location 4_07March2006PDF118.00 KB Download
Leppert Road_Sof Davidson_27March2000PDF17.56 KB Download
Leppert_Scioto Darby_31March1998PDF355.54 KB Download
Lucas_W of Amity_Oct2008PDF15.00 KB Download
Luxair Drive_17April2000PDF18.64 KB Download
Luxair Drive_Scioto Darby Road_11May2000PDF32.57 KB Download
Lyman Drive_Cemetery Road_08March1999PDF20.59 KB Download
Lyman Drive_Reynolds Drive_12April2000PDF32.88 KB Download
Lyman Rd_Cemetery Rd_22November1994PDF119.57 KB Download
Lyman Road_Davidson Road_19March1997PDF117.14 KB Download
Lyman Road_N of Cemetery Road_24April2000PDF19.32 KB Download
Lyman_Cemetery_12December1995PDF40.23 KB Download
Lyman_N of Cemetery_11Dec2006PDF61.42 KB Download
Leap Rd_Northwest Pkwy_22Apr2015PDF14.45 KB Download
Leap Rd_Reynolds Dr_22Apr2015PDF17.32 KB Download
Leap Rd_Between Davidson and Anson_Apr2015PDF26.56 KB Download
Leap Rd_Davidson Rd_23Apr2015PDF17.69 KB Download
Leap Rd_Anson Dr_23Apr2015PDF18.65 KB Download
Lyman at Cemetery - 24 Hour ADT TemplatePDF68.74 KB Download
Lyman at Reynolds - 24 Hour ADT TemplatePDF72.07 KB Download
Lyman Dr_Anson Dr_22Apr2015PDF14.21 KB Download
Lyman Dr_Davidson Rd_22Apr2015PDF16.93 KB Download
Lyman Dr_All Seasons Dr_22Apr2015PDF17.22 KB Download
Lyman Dr_Reynolds Dr_21Apr2015PDF23.52 KB Download
Lyman Drive - Cemetery Road - 2015 Traffic Count Map - CompactPDF754.56 KB Download
Main St_S of Heritage Club_Nov2008PDF21.51 KB Download
Main St_S of Tinapple_Nov2008PDF21.29 KB Download
Main St_Scioto Darby_01Jun2005PDF338.50 KB Download
Main Street_Gillette Avenue_Tinapple Plaza Ent._11July2000PDF32.60 KB Download
Main Street_Cemetery_16April1998PDF203.11 KB Download
Main Street_Heritage Lane N_19April2000PDF34.43 KB Download
Main Street_Luther Lane_Heritage Club Drive South_18May2000PDF35.40 KB Download
Main Street_Luther_14December1995PDF49.70 KB Download
Main Street_N of Cemetary_02May2000PDF38.98 KB Download
Main Street_N of Grace St Near DQ_22May2003PDF41.53 KB Download
Main Street_Norwich_01February1999PDF62.22 KB Download
Main Street_Norwich_25June2003PDF124.26 KB Download
Main Street_S of Heritage Club Drive North_08May2000PDF22.47 KB Download
Main Street_S of Northwest Parkway_27April2000PDF33.81 KB Download
Main Street_s of NTFD-Fairgrounds_16May2003PDF207.17 KB Download
Main Street_S of Scioto & Darby_17March2000PDF33.61 KB Download
Main Street_S of Scioto Darby Near Speedway_21May2003PDF43.72 KB Download
Main Street_Scioto Darby Road_03January1995PDF31.90 KB Download
Main Street_Scioto Darby Road_21May1998PDF261.14 KB Download
Main Street_Tinapple_16November1994PDF21.42 KB Download
Main_Cemetery_02Jun2005PDF340.93 KB Download
Main_Cemetery_15November1994PDF28.29 KB Download
Main_HeritageClubN_23Apr2009PDF17.42 KB Download
Main_Wakefield_23Apr2009PDF17.34 KB Download
Mill Run Area Traffic Counts_Mar1999PDF78.78 KB Download
Mill Run Drive_Fishinger Blvd_17March1999PDF19.30 KB Download
NB I-270_Tuttle_06April1999PDF30.11 KB Download
NB I-270_Roberts Road_06April1999PDF38.42 KB Download
Roberts Rd_E of Alton Darby_Oct2008PDF15.08 KB Download
Roberts Rd_W of Alton Darby_Oct2008PDF15.54 KB Download
Roberts_Frazell_05Dec2008PDF22.66 KB Download
SB I-270_Roberts Road_07April1999PDF31.86 KB Download
SB I-270_Tuttle_07April1999PDF38.37 KB Download
Schirtzinger_at_Davidson_360777_11-01-2016PDF32.70 KB Download
Scioto & Darby Creek Road_W of High School Street_20April2000PDF17.09 KB Download
SciotoDarby_AltonDarby.2003.0206PDF742.55 KB Download
SciotoDarby_AltonDarby.2003.1201PDF662.87 KB Download
SciotoDarby_AltonDarby.2006.0314PDF335.17 KB Download
Scioto & Darby Creek Road_Alton & Darby Creek Road_15March2000PDF35.83 KB Download
Scioto & Darby Creek Road_W of Alton & Darby Creek Road_13March2000PDF21.27 KB Download
Scioto & Darby Creek_Cosgray Road_24September2002PDF36.91 KB Download
Scioto & Darby Creek_Alton & Darby_24September2002PDF39.36 KB Download
Scioto Darby Creek Road_Leppert Road_28February1989PDF86.23 KB Download
Scioto Darby Rd_E of Cosgray_Oct2008PDF15.07 KB Download
Scioto Darby Rd_E of Elliott_Oct2008PDF15.05 KB Download
Scioto Darby Rd_E of Vets Mem_Oct2008PDF15.09 KB Download
Scioto Darby Rd_W of Amity_Oct2008PDF15.15 KB Download
Scioto Darby Rd_W of Conklin_Oct2008PDF15.07 KB Download
Scioto Darby Rd_W of Walcutt_Oct2008PDF15.09 KB Download
Scioto Darby Road_E of Hoffman W of Moundview_08May2003PDF167.44 KB Download
Scioto Darby Road_E of Vets Mem W pf Bradford_16May2003PDF212.70 KB Download
Scioto Darby Road_Hilliard Darby High School_24April2000PDF18.98 KB Download
Scioto Darby Road_NW of Conklin_17April2000PDF26.23 KB Download
Scioto Darby Road_SE of Walcutt_17April2000PDF39.42 KB Download
Scioto Darby_Alton Darby_09Oct2008PDF20.55 KB Download
Scioto Darby_Bradford_21January1999PDF62.17 KB Download
Scioto Darby_Cherry Tree Drive_Heritage MS Dwy_19April2000PDF36.84 KB Download
Scioto Darby_Cherry Tree_20January1999PDF59.80 KB Download
Scioto Darby_Cosgray_19January1999PDF57.50 KB Download
Scioto Darby_Cosgray_08Oct2008PDF21.38 KB Download
Scioto Darby_Cosgray_22-23March2006PDF807.70 KB Download
Scioto Darby_Cosgray_East Bound_29June1999PDF226.37 KB Download
Scioto Darby_Cosgray_South Bound_29June1999PDF414.02 KB Download
Scioto Darby_Cosgray_West Bound_29June1999PDF285.37 KB Download
Scioto Darby_Dublin_03Mar2009PDF20.87 KB Download
Scioto Darby_E of Cosgray Road (Alton Darby Road CLOSED During this count)_24April2000PDF22.93 KB Download
Scioto Darby_E of Hoffman Farms W of Moundview_09March2006PDF86.81 KB Download
Scioto Darby_E of Leap Road_12May2000PDF19.56 KB Download
Scioto Darby_Vets Memorial_10Mar2009PDF24.73 KB Download
Scioto Darby_Leppert_14Oct2008PDF23.18 KB Download
Scioto Darby_W of Main Street_30April2000PDF30.92 KB Download
Scioto Darby_Walcutt_23Oct2008PDF22.74 KB Download
Scioto Darby_Walcutt_25January1999PDF58.25 KB Download
SciotoDarby.AltonDarby.06Dec2012PDF57.39 KB Download
SciotoDarby_Cemetery_31May2005PDF336.82 KB Download
SciotoDarby.Cosgray.06Dec2012PDF57.20 KB Download
SciotoDarby_W of Cosgray_Dec2012PDF33.61 KB Download
SciotoDarby_W of Cosgray-ADT_13Dec2012PDF23.07 KB Download
Scioto-Darby_Main Street_22October1992PDF591.66 KB Download
Scioto_Darby_at_Main_400313_04-11-2017PDF36.22 KB Download
Short Term Growth Change_January2000PDF96.01 KB Download
Smiley_Fishinger Blvd_18March1999PDF19.91 KB Download
Southbound_Westbound_Northbound_Eastbound_27March1996PDF32.13 KB Download
Sutherlands Entrance_Cemetary Road_Lacon Road_24May2000PDF37.61 KB Download
Tinapple Center_08May2000PDF23.79 KB Download
Tinapple Road_W of Rome Hilliard_24April2000PDF20.54 KB Download
Tinapple_W of Main_Oct2008PDF21.34 KB Download
Traffic Surveys_02August1999PDF90.58 KB Download
Traffic Surveys_07October1999PDF97.73 KB Download
Traffic Surveys_11November1999PDF105.82 KB Download
Traffic Surveys_12August1999PDF109.51 KB Download
Traffic Surveys_13September1999PDF103.21 KB Download
Traffic Surveys_14October1999PDF102.46 KB Download
Traffic Surveys_19August1999PDF100.92 KB Download
Traffic Surveys_21October1999PDF103.04 KB Download
Traffic Surveys_26July1999PDF33.72 KB Download
Traffic Surveys_30August1999PDF91.17 KB Download
Trueman Blvd_N of Cemetery_May2009PDF29.60 KB Download
Trueman Blvd_S of Davidson_May2009PDF20.19 KB Download
Trueman_at_Davidson_361012_11-01-2016PDF48.23 KB Download
Walcutt Rd_S of Scioto Dby_Oct2008PDF15.09 KB Download
Walker Rd_S of Patterson_Oct2008PDF14.92 KB Download
Walker_RobertsEast_21Oct2008PDF20.38 KB Download
Walker_Davis_23Oct2008PDF20.26 KB Download
Westbrook Drive_S of Cemetery_13May2000PDF18.37 KB Download
Walker_RobertsWest_21Oct2008PDF20.61 KB Download
Wilcox Road_N of Hayden S of Silverton_05June2003PDF212.07 KB Download
Wilcox_at corp line_04Jun2009PDF15.20 KB Download