Will the Mayor hear my case in Mayor's Court?
No, the Court is presided over by a Magistrate who is certified by law to hear and determine cases filed in Mayor's Court.

How can I contest a ticket?
You can contest a ticket by appearing at the hearing date written on the ticket.

How can I find out when my court date is?
The court date is written on the bottom of the ticket.

How can I get my case continued?
You must appear at the Clerk of Court office (during normal business hours) and sign a form requesting a continuance. A request for a continuance can not be made over the phone.

Can I change the jurisdiction for my case to Franklin County Municipal Court?
If it is an offense other than a minor misdemeanor or an unclassified misdemeanor, a written jury demand must be filed with the Clerk of Court.

Where are you located?
In the Joint Safety Services Building located at 5171 Northwest Parkway, Hilliard.

Can I pay my ticket online?
Yes, you can also mail payment or use the 24 hour drop box located in the lobby of the Joint Safety Services Building.

Do I need an attorney?
You have the right to be represented by an attorney. However, public defenders are not provided by our Mayor's Court.

Is my attorney required to file all forms in person?
No, attorneys may fax motions and pleas to be filed and requests for discovery to (614) 529-6036 .