Curbside Leaf Collection

City crews are currently collecting leaves in the purple, blue & green quadrants.

 Program Information

City crews will start collecting leaves at the beginning of October. These collections will continue through mid December weather permitting.  Collection occurs weekdays between 7:30 a.m. and 3:00 p.m..  Multiple passes through the City will be necessary to complete the entire leaf collection program.

Residents do not need to call and schedule curbside leaf collection.  City crews will collect all leaves placed at the curbside during scheduled collection.  Resident cooperation is necessary to assure leaves are not raked to curb too soon or too late.

The City has established four color-coded service areas to provide equal service to all residents.  The four service areas are defined on the associated quadrant map. Additional program information and quadrant map are available on this website.

Systematic collection will be maintained for each of the four quadrant service areas.  This will ensure efficient city wide service, and help avoid leaf piles lying curbside for extended periods.  Changes in the collection schedule will be announced by press release and on the City’s website.  Weather conditions and leaf fall amounts may impact the collection schedule.

Please follow these guidelines to ensure safe and efficient services:

  • Rake leaves within 3 feet of curb to ensure pick-up on the scheduled week. 
  • Leaves must be placed in the green space between the back of curb and sidewalk.
  • DO NOT place leaves in the street or pile them around parked cars, street lights, or fire hydrants.
  • DO NOT mix brush or trash into leaf piles. 
  • Keep children away from leaf piles that are ready for collection.