Yard Waste Guidelines and FAQ:

  • What is considered yard waste?
    Yard waste typically consists of organic waste generated during regular household gardening and landscaping activities, such as grass clippings, leaves, twigs, branches, shrubbery and other garden residues.
  • How should yard waste be prepared?
    Loose Material: Place it in biodegradable (paper) bags or rigid containers. Stickers to attach to containers designated for yard waste are available at the Hilliard Municipal Building. Bags are generally available for purchase at home improvement or grocery retail stores. Please do not line the paper bags with plastic bags.
    Branches: Cut branches to less than 4 feet in length. Tie the branches into bundles with string or twine. The diameter of each bundle should not exceed 2 feet.
    Weight Restrictions: Each container, bag or bundle must weigh less than 50 pounds. Containers meeting this requirement will likely have a 30-35 gallon capacity.
    Unacceptable Items: Examples include rocks, dirt and plastic bags. Please contact Local Waste Services at 614-409-9375 if you are uncertain about a type of material.