Community Garden Application and Rules

Senior Center Map

Leap Road Map (Leased Land)

Community Gardens 
The City of Hilliard has two locations for Community Gardens, off Leap Road south of Davidson Road and behind the Phyllis A. Ernst Senior Center in the Roger A. Reynolds Municipal Park. 

Registration is available for new gardeners online beginning February 6 at 9 a.m. Online Registration.
Senior Center, 15’ x 40’, $45 
Senior Center, 15’ x 20’, $30 

Leap Road, 30’ x 40’, $70 
Leap Road, 15’ x 40’, $45 
Leap Road, 15’ x 20’, $30 

Additional Information about Garden Plots: (information may very slightly from one location to another)
 - Gardeners may work on their plot any time between 7 a.m. and dusk, no activity is permitted after 9 p.m. 
 - Plot fees are due in full before the garden season begins. 
 - Garden plots should be cared for on a regular basis. If any plot remains unattended it is subject to reassignment. 
 - Each gardener is responsible for keeping his/her plants within his/her plot. Vine plants should be staked or another method used to keep them within the plot area (not to grow into the path or another garden plot or an open area around the plot). Failure to comply will jeopardize future gardening privileges. 
 - Any refuse collected in the garden area should be deposited in the designated disposal area or taken home. 
 - Pesticides may be applied to the applicator’s plot ONLY. Read the manufacturer’s label or call the Ohio State University Extension Office of Franklin County (614.866.9600) for directions on how to apply pesticides. ONLY pesticides from retail stores may be used (approved for home use). 
 - The application of herbicides (weed killers) to the garden is prohibited. 
 - Gardeners shall be aware of the proximity of the adjacent residential neighborhood and avoid fertilizers that may be offensive to residents. 
 - Preference for plots will be first-come first-served after plot fees are paid. 
 - Cleaning up plot must be done after harvest season. 
 - Park in designated areas only. Please no parking on residential streets. 
 - Children are welcome to the garden but must be accompanied by an adult and must be supervised at all times. 
 - It is your responsibility to notify the Hilliard Recreation and Parks Department if you are not able to work on your plot due to illness or other excusable circumstances. 
 - No illegal plants permitted. 
 - Gardeners need to bring their own equipment. 
 - Please remember that you are in a residential neighborhood and the 25 mph speed limit will be strictly enforced (Hoffman). 

Hilliard Recreation and Parks Department Responsibilities:
- Plowing of plots before the planting season and after harvest season. 
- City will stake and layout garden plots. 
-  Watering - Water tanks are filled on an as-needed basis during the week. Wet conditions may prevent us from being able to get the necessary equipment in to fill the tanks. 
- Assignment of garden plots and all other space allocations. Gardeners are not permitted to make changes in assignments without prior approval of the department. 
- Maintain common pathways. 
- Monitor garden area. 
- Hilliard Recreation and Parks Department is not responsible for theft and/or vandalism of individual garden plots. Rules are posted at the community gardens site. 

Hilliard Recreation and Parks Department may amend and/or delete any community garden rules without prior notice to gardeners.   Questions or concerns may be addressed to the Hilliard Recreation and Parks Department located at 3800 Veterans Memorial Drive or by calling Jon Miller at 614.334.2584  or email