Mission Statement
The employees of the Hilliard Recreation and Parks Department, strive to provide a diverse scope of recreational and leisure time activities for the community in an effort to enhance the quality of life for everybody.  For the environment we provide clean, safe, and well maintained parks and facilities.  We strive to meet these goals in a friendly, professional, and wholesome atmosphere.  The economic, social, and health benefits of recreation are endless and this is our mission in which we can all take pride.

Fair Share Policy
The City of Hilliard Recreation and Parks Department is largely financed through city income tax dollars.  Therefore, to be considered a "City Resident" in our registration process, you must live within the city limits of Hilliard.  "School District Resident" is for those who reside within the Hilliard City School District boundaries but outside the city limits.  "Non-Resident" applies to all others.  Even though you may have a Hilliard mailing address or live within the Hilliard City School District boundaries, you may not live inside the Hilliard city limits.  We ask for your understanding when registering.

Those registering for a program are asked to provide current verification of residency.  Hilliard city and school district residents receive a user name and password for online registration purposes once verification of residency has been established.  This information must be updated annually.