While patrol is the primary function of law enforcement, it embraces much more than the act of patrolling.  Patrol can range from a traditional response when a call is made for police assistance to more advanced technological methods of enforcement and prevention.  The following are a few of the services provided by the Patrol Division to the residents of the City of Hilliard and Norwich Township community: 

  • Preventive patrol throughout neighborhoods and business districts;
  • Crime prevention activities;
  • Response to called-for services;
  • Investigation of crimes, including arresting offenders and aiding victims;
  • Traffic control;
  • Regulation of certain business activities or events as required by law;
  • Maintenance of public order;
  • Provision of emergency services;
  • Relationship development between citizens and the department;
  • Information reporting to appropriate organizational departments;
  • Participation, by request, in community activities.

The patrol officers want to work with the residents of our Hilliard and Norwich Community to continue to create a safe environment for everyone.