School Resource Officers

S.R.O. - School Resource Officers

School Resource Officers (SRO) are valuable resources for the schools and are trained to fulfill three roles.  First and foremost, the SROs are law enforcement officers whose primary purpose is to “keep the peace” in the schools so that students can learn and teachers can teach.  The second role the SROs fulfill is that of mentor providing law related guidance on various issues to students, parents, and school administrators. The SROs also serve as a link to support services both inside and outside the school environment.  The third role is that of an educator capable of providing schools with an additional educational resource by sharing expertise in the classroom.  Beyond these identified roles and, perhaps most importantly, SROs are positive role models for many students who are not exposed to such role models in today’s society.

School Resource Officers: 

Off. Jon Gleason – Hilliard Darby High School
Off. Rich Quigley – Hilliard Davidson High School
Off. Josh Barnett – Hilliard Bradley High School