Property Custodian

Over 4,000 items are impounded yearly by the Hilliard Division of Police.  The property room houses everything from evidence in homicide cases to lost or stolen wallets or bicycles.  The Property Custodian is responsible for managing the entire chain of custody for all of these items.  The Property Custodian supervises the submission of evidence to labs for testing and to court for legal proceedings; the Property Custodian oversees the items through the final disposition of the property or evidence.

It is important to the Hilliard Division of Police that property is returned to the rightful owner.  Citizens are encouraged to contact the Property Custodian to inquire about lost or stolen items.   If, after diligent attempts to locate owners, the rightful owner cannot be identified, the unclaimed items are listed and sold on an internet auction website.  Certain confiscated property is also disposed of in this manner.


The Hilliard Division of Police disposes of unclaimed property, forfeited property and items no longer needed as evidence using an internet auction service specializing in the auction of property received from police departments nationwide (  Items authorized for disposition are posted on the website where potential buyers bid on-line.  The successful bidders complete the transaction with  Purchased items are shipped to the buyer and a portion of the proceeds are returned to the City of Hilliard.  The Hilliard Division of Police anticipates multiple auctions per year.

Prior to transferring items to a notice listing the items will be posted at the Hilliard Division of Police, 5171 Northwest Parkway, Hilliard, OH  43026.  If there is a pending auction, the list will also available by clicking a link to the right of this page.

Any person or entity claiming ownership of an item, or questions about property or evidence should call the Hilliard Division of Police Property Room at 614.334.2336.