Hilliard Division of Police
College Internship Program


Our goal for the internship program is to provide a position of professionalism working side-by-side with sworn personnel of the Hilliard Division of Police. In addition to the intern gaining valuable knowledge of the functions of a law enforcement agency, the department will utilize the skills and abilities of the intern obtaining the position.


Interns will spend a designated amount of time with different sub-divisions of the department to obtain knowledge of the aspects of that position. Interns will log the hours spent with each sub-division to ensure that the 170 hour requirement is reached. Interns will maintain an activity log that documents each period spent with department personnel and will include things learned, ideas, questions, etc. In addition to the 110 hours spent with different sub-division personnel, interns will spend a minimum of 60 hours working on a department related project, assigned by the internship coordinator.