Speed Enforcement 

Speed limit enforcement is important to everyone’s safety.  The Hilliard Division of Police utilizes radar and lidar from their vehicles to enforce speed limits year round. 

Stealth Radar and Speed Trailer

In addition stealth radar and speed trailers are deployed to check that vehicles are complying with the posted speed limits. These enforcement tool helps our agency in determining where trouble spots are. The speed trailer is deployed between the months of April and November weather permitting. Listed below you can find the results.


Total Vehicles -  Is the total number of vehicles that is traveling on the road 
Posted Speed -  Is the posted speed limit where the stealth radar or speed trailers is set up 
Average Speed - Is the average speed of all vehicles traveling on the road
85th Percentile - Is the maximum speed of which 85% of all cars are traveling

If you have an area of concern, contact our Community Relations Officers: