Impounded Property / Vehicles

The Hilliard Division of Police disposes unclaimed property, forfeited property and items no longer needed as evidence using, Inc., an Internet auction service specializing in the auction of property received from police departments nationwide. We encourage citizens to contact the property room custodian at the phone number below should they have items that are lost or stolen.  If, after diligent attempts to locate owners, property is not able to be returned, the Division of Police places them on the auction website to be sold.  Items authorized for disposition by a court order are transferred to and are then listed for sale on its web site. Potential buyers place on-line bids, and the winners deal directly with Purchased items are shipped to the buyers. The Hilliard Division of Police participates in several auctions each year. 
Prior to transferring items to, a notice listing the items will be posted at the Hilliard Division of Police, 5171 Northwest Parkway Hilliard, Ohio 43026; the Municipal Offices at the City of Hilliard, 3800 Municipal Way, Hilliard, Ohio 43026 and posted on the Police Division’s website.  You may check periodically at the website (link in the Additional Resources box to the right) for available auction items.

Anyone having a claim of ownership to the items, or questions about property or evidence, please contact:

Hilliard Division of Police Property Room
5171 Northwest Parkway
Hilliard, Ohio  43026

Phone:  614.334.2336


To obtain release of your vehicle, one of the following proofs of ownership must be provided to the Division of Police prior to its release:
1.  A title or vehicle registration in your name, along with a driver's license, or other picture I.D., as positive proof of identification; or
2.  A notarized letter from the vehicle owner authorizing release of an impounded vehicle to you, a copy of the title or vehicle registration from the person signing the notarized letter, and a picture I.D. of you as proof of positive identification.
Vehicles are not located at the Police Division.  After obtaining a release from the Hilliard Division of Police, you will be given directions on where your vehicle can be retrieved.  

Please note that vehicles with special "holds" are secured for further 
investigations or court proceedings, and cannot be released until the hold is lifted.  

For questions about a vehicle impound, contact our records personnel:

Hilliard Division of Police