Open House for the Hilliard Roundabout Study

The City of Hilliard has studied three roundabouts to determine if improvements can be made or if educational efforts can be targeted to reduce the number of property damage crashes.  The roundabouts included in the study are: Main Street & Cemetery Road, Main Street & Scioto Darby Road, and Davidson Road & Britton Parkway.  

The public is invited to attend to hear what the study team has found and provide feedback on the proposed countermeasures. The open house will include multiple exhibits and a presentation discussing traffic volumes, survey results, speed data and crash patterns.



Hilliard Hosted Roundabout Study - Open House - April 26 ________________________________________________________________________

The City of Hilliard held a public meeting on the Hilliard Roundabout Study on April 26, 2017.  If you were unable to attend. the meeting handouts, exhibits, and presentation are available below.

Meeting Handouts:
Top2Mistakes HandoutPDF2.76 MB Download
Info Sheet - Hilliard Roundabout Study.2017.04.26PDF1.21 MB Download

Meeting Exhibits:
Traffic Volumes - Main St Rbts.2017.04.26PDF3.42 MB Download
Crash Patterns - Main Street Rbts.2017.04.26PDF14.27 MB Download
Traffic Volumes - Britton-Davidson Rbt.2017.04.26PDF336.34 KB Download
Crash Patterns - Britton-Davidson Rbt.2017.04.26PDF1.58 MB Download