The City of Hilliard with the water tower in the skyline

Annual Street Maintenance Program Underway

Posted September 30, 2021 in Streets and Public Service by Anna Subler

Resurfacing work on select Hilliard streets will begin Oct. 1 as part of the City’s annual street maintenance and rehabilitation program.

The City’s Community Development Department identifies streets in need of pavement rehabilitation as part of Hilliard’s annual capital improvement program. Streets are reviewed every two years, with priorities for repair made based on street condition and traffic volume. This year, the City was able to get all six alternate packages, allowing more paving and repair than typical.

The 2021 street maintenance and rehabilitation program is estimated to cost $1.37 million.

During these repairs, traffic will be maintained, but minor traffic delays can be expected. The project contractor will place signage at the entrances to subdivisions in advance of the paving work. The following work will be completed during phase 1, which starts Oct. 1.

Phase 1

  • Riverwood Dr.
  • Landmark Ln.
  • Kul Cir. S.
  • Checkerberry Ct.
  • Melbury Dr.
  • Anchorage Ct.
  • Shiremill Rd.
  • Scioto Run Ct.

Base Bid Items

  • Curb ramps (various locations citywide)
  • Sidewalks (various locations citywide)
  • Traffic improvement (various locations citywide)
  • Alley north of Norwich St.
  • Alley north of Norwich St.
  • Madison St. (Grace St. to Main St.)
  • North St. (Wayne St. to Columbia St.)
  • Lattimer St. (Cemetery Rd. to Grace St.)
  • Wayne St. (Dexter Ave. to Winterringer St.)
  • Sarasota Dr. (Sarasota Ct. to Strayer Dr.)
  • Vinson Ct. (SE cul-de-sac to Sarasota Dr.
  • Snowberry Ln. (Seapine R. to Old Creek Lane)
  • Wolf Crossing (Swenson St. to Knickel Dr.)
  • Kul Cir. S. (Kul Cir. N. to Kul Cir. N.)
  • Fairway Commons Dr. (Alton Darby Creek Rd. to Fairway Commons Dr.)
  • Marilyn St. (Stonehill St. to Taylor Lane Ave.)
  • Rubble Ln. (Brixshire Dr. to Hilliard Run Dr.)
  • Landmark Ln. (River Landings Blvd. to cul-de-sac)
  • Riverwood Dr. (Dayspring Dr. to Coolbrook Dr.)
  • Scioto Chase Dr. (Scioto Glen Dr. to Scioto Bend Dr.)
  • Checkerberry Ct. (Scioto Run Blvd. to N. cul-de-sac)
  • Shire Mill Rd. (Dublin Rd. to Shire Ridge Rd.)
  • Noor Dr. (Silverton Wy. to Wilcox Rd.)
  • Mondavi Ct. (Mondavi Ln. to NE cul-de-sac)
  • Newland Ct. (Westbriar Dr. to E. cul-de-sac)
  • Melbury Dr. (Dublin Rd. to Bibury Ct.)

Alternate Bid Items (to be completed after Phase 1)

  • Woodsview Way (Janes Wy. To Creekbend Dr.)
  • Alder Dr. (Dexter Ave to Kerr Dr.)
  • Brittonhurst Dr. (Glanstonbury Dr. to Carrington Wy.)
  • Waycroft Ct. (S. cul-de-sac to Carrington Wy.)
  • Rutledge Dr. (Standish Ct. to Revere Dr.)
  • Cedarstone Dr. (Edgeley Dr. to Heatherview Rd.)
  • Heritage Oaks Dr. (Heritage Lakes Dr. to Heritage Lakes Dr.)
  • Stouenburgh Dr. (Old Creek Ln. to Serpentine Dr.)
  • Richlanne Dr. (Hilliard Rome Rd. to Carjan Wy.)
  • Anchorage Ct. (Anchorage Ln. to NE cul-de-sac)
  • Scioto Park Dr. (Scioto Glen Dr. to Scioto Farms Dr.)
  • Scioto Run Ct. (S. cul-de-sac to Scioto Run Dr.)
  • Bennison Ct. (W. cul-de-sac to Bohlen Dr.)