Charter Review Commission to hear Presentations on Various Forms of Government

Posted November 29, 2017 in Your Community by Anna Subler

Hilliard’s charter, a legal document that establishes a basic framework of law within the City, is currently under review by the 11-member commission that was formed over the summer. The Charter Review Committee meets on the last Wednesday of each month to discuss changes (if any) to the City’s government that they will propose for City Council’s consideration.

The Committee will convene tonight at 6 p.m. to discuss different forms of government – such as a City Manager verses an elected-Mayor form of government. Multiple guest speakers from nearby cities have been invited to present on this topic:

  • David Collinsworth, City Manager of Westerville and
    • Craig Treneff, Council President of Westerville
  • Tom Kneeland, Mayor of Gahanna
  • Terry Emery, City Manager of Marysville
  • Garry Hunter, Legal Counsel, Ohio Municipal League

Hilliard has always had a Mayor-Council form of government with a Mayor who is elected separately from City Council. Therefore, one aspect of the charter that is sure to receive scrutiny is whether the City should continue with this form of government or move to a City Manager form of government.

The Charter Review Commission’s recommendations (if any) will be turned over to City Council in the summer of 2018 and then the public will vote on any changes.

The public is invited to attend tonight’s meeting to learn about the different forms of government.