Charter Review Commission votes to recommend Mayor form of Government

Posted February 8, 2018 in City Council by Anna Subler

The Charter Review Commission continues to make progress on reviewing the City’s Charter – the legal document that establishes a basic framework of law. At last night’s monthly meeting, the citizen-led group voted overwhelmingly (10-1) to recommend the current Mayor-Council form of government to City Council. There was no specific support to change to a City manager form of government.

The dissent vote was not in favor of the current mayor form of government and voted to explore hybrid forms of government, such as Weak Mayor-City Manager or Administrator-Council forms of government.

The Commission has spent the last few months learning about other forms of government to help prepare them to make this recommendation to Council. In November, guest speakers from other governments (Gahanna, Westerville, Marysville, & Ohio Municipal league) each gave detailed presentations on their form of government.

Chair of the Charter Review Commission, Kurt Gearhiser said “the majority of the commission favors a Mayor form of government because it has operated well for Hilliard for many years.”

This vote is only one part of the entire charter review process. The commission will finalize all of its Charter recommendations (if any) and present them to City Council. Council will then decide on which changes to submit to the ballet of an upcoming general election.

“There are other changes that we plan to recommend that will potentially alter the Mayor’s role, help make the city more cost effective and improve efficiency,” Gearhiser said.