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City, Chamber Partnership Aims to ‘Move Hilliard Forward’

Posted June 2, 2020 in Uncategorized by David Ball

During the past few months, the Hilliard community vowed “We are in this together” as it responded to the challenges presented by COVID-19.

Now, as Hilliard begins taking steps toward responsible reopening, a new rallying message will represent our commitment to the future: “Move Hilliard Forward.”

“At its heart, ‘Move Hilliard Forward’ is a partnership of the City of Hilliard, Hilliard Area Chamber of Commerce, and the business community. It represents our commitment to getting our community back on the path to progress,” said City Council President Andy Teater. “We know Hilliard can get back to business while still being responsible and meeting the state’s guidelines for safe and healthy work environments. ‘Move Hilliard Forward’ is a symbol of our unity in these efforts.”

The community will see the “Move Hilliard Forward” campaign reflected in many places and many ways, according to Libby Gierach, President and CEO of the Chamber.

“Participating businesses will be able to proudly display the ‘Move Hilliard Forward’ logo in their windows, on their properties, on their websites, and on social media as a sign of their commitment to reinvigorating the local economy,” Gierach said. “It will be the umbrella under which our promotion and joint communication happens. These three simple words will represent businesses that are responsibly reopening, local efforts to promote economic development and growth, and the spirit of community that has always been a hallmark of Hilliard’s success.”

City Manager Michelle Crandall said the community must collaborate in its efforts to overcome 2020’s unprecedented challenges. ‘Move Hilliard Forward’ is the foundation of that collaboration.

“Hilliard has always been at its best when it works together toward a unified goal, and that’s been proven this spring,” Crandall said. “That spirit of unity will be our most important tool and asset as we begin reopening our city, getting people back to work safely, and finding ways to promote economic growth.”

The spirit that underpins the campaign has already been evident in community activities. Businesses such as BMW have contributed meals to area senior citizens in partnership with the City’s Recreation and Parks programming. Other businesses, such as restaurants and retail shops, have taken extraordinary efforts to open in ways that keep both customers and employees safe.

“Examples of the ‘Move Hilliard Forward’ spirit can be found in companies donating personal protective equipment to those in need, business professionals mentoring peers in other local businesses, or collaborative marketing activities,” said David Meadows, Director of Economic Development for the City of Hilliard. “Part of the beauty of ‘Move Hilliard Forward’ is that the possibilities for creative approaches to responsible reopening are only limited by our willingness to work together. And that has always been one of this community’s strengths.”

In the coming weeks, the Chamber, City, and local businesses will share examples of the “Move Hilliard Forward” spirit. Keep an eye open for these great stories of Hilliard’s return to business.