Albert Iosue

Headshot of Albert IosueAlbert Iosue was elected in November 2007 to Hilliard City Council and since then re-elected by the citizens of Hilliard to serve two additional terms (2012-2015 and 2016-2019).  Iosue has been active on the Council for more than ten years.  Iosue’s experience with the City began in 2005 as a volunteer and elected Chairman of the City’s Charter Review Commission formed by city council to review the framework of Hilliard government.  Charter amendments recommended by the Commission were put before the Hilliard electorate and were adopted in 2009.

As a professional civil engineer, Councilmember Iosue has been actively involved with City initiatives related to public infrastructure (transportation, water & wastewater systems, and energy efficiency) and public safety.   As a member of the City Planning, Projects, and Services Committee (CPPS) since 2008 and Chair since 2012, Iosue has initiated numerus public infrastructure improvement projects valued at over $100 million.  Hilliard’s capital improvement program budget averages $15 million annually and is developed with the administration and Council input through the CPPS Committee.  An efficient and safe transportation infrastructure is important to our residents and Iosue.p

As a member of the Public Safety & Legal Affairs Committee since 2008, Iosue also advocates for initiatives that provide Hilliard residents with a safe and vibrant community in which to live, work, and raise a family.  Public safety has always been the highest priority for Iosue and the cornerstone of his work for the City of Hilliard.  Assuring our public safety forces have the equipment and necessary staff is a priority for Iosue.  Councilmember Iosue has always said “assuring that the citizens of Hilliard have a safe community should always be the highest priority of any elected body.  People need to feel safe where they live or they will not select our great community to call home.”

Over the years, Councilmember Iosue has also served on several committees including the Recreation & Community Involvement Committee, the Budget Committee, and has also represented City Council on the Environmental Sustainability Commission, the Planning & Zoning Commission, and most recently the newly formed Charter Review Commission.

Iosue and his wife Maureen are both Ohio State University graduates and have called Hilliard home since 1996.  They are both active members of the community, attend St. Brendan’s Church, and have active children in sports and the arts at Hilliard Darby High School.  They live in the Hoffman Farms neighborhood, along with their children Gabriella, Lauren, Dominic, & Sophia.

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