Pete Marsh

Headshot of Pete MarshPete Marsh is originally from Bowling Green, Ohio.  After receiving an undergraduate degree in Accounting from the University of Notre Dame in 2003, Pete moved to Columbus to pursue a Master’s Degree in Landscape Architecture at The Ohio State University.  Pete began his professional career as a landscape designer for a Buck & Sons Landscape Service, a Hilliard based landscaping company.  After acquiring 13 years of experience, Pete founded Blue Oak Patio & Landscape in Hilliard in 2018.

Prior to his appointment to City Council in early 2018, Pete was an original member of Hilliard’s Environmental Sustainability Commission (ESC).  The ESC serves as an advisory body to City Council on sustainability matters, and for the last three years Pete served as ESC Chairman.  Pete was also a member of the Board of Directors of Destination Hilliard for two years prior to his appointment, serving the last year as Treasurer of the organization.  Pete is an active member of St. Brendan the Navigator parish where he regularly volunteers to assist the Garden and Landscape Committee. On February 25th Pete was elected as Vice President of City Council.

Pete lives in Hilliard with his wife of 8 years, Beverly.  Pete and Beverly have 3 energetic daughters; Clare, 5, Violet, 4, and Anna, 3 months.

His term runs through December 2019.

You can contact him at