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City Engineer Presented at National Transportation Meeting

Letty standing amongst peers at the National Transportation Meeting

The City of Hilliard was represented at the Transportation Research Board Annual Meeting a few weeks ago, along with other transportation leaders from local and state Departments of Transportation, policy makers, researchers, and technical experts from around the world. Deputy City Engineer Letty Schamp presented on the city’s efforts to improve roundabout education.

“It’s apparent in the transportation world that education and outreach on the roundabout rules are critical in the success of improved safety on our roads,” Schamp said. “I was honored to talk about what Hilliard is doing to make traffic better and safer for our growing community.”

With roundabout education as a priority, the city plans to continue its efforts in 2019 with a roundabout rules campaign.

In the meantime, make sure you know the roundabout rules:

Check the signs and choose the correct lane.

Yield to both lanes in the roundabout.

Yield to pedestrians in the roundabout.

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