City Hall Landscape Renovation

Posted November 7, 2017 in City Council by Anna Subler

The City Hall entrance ways have been renovated!

In the spring, City Council asked the Shade Tree Commission to explore ways to enhance the appearance of City Hall’s two main entrances. The Shade Tree Commission consists of seven members who advise the City Forester on landscaping issues and select trees for City streets.

The original landscape at City Hall had become unattractive and uninviting. Over the next few meetings, commission members discussed how to improve the functionality and appearance of the entrances. Commission member Matt Forchione, owner of 9 Trees Landscape Construction, volunteered to incorporate these ideas into a landscape design for Council’s consideration. In June, Matt’s plan was reviewed and unanimously approved by the Shade Tree Commission and then City Council.

Thank you to Matt and the Shade Tree Commission for your hard work!