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City Launches First Composting Initiative

The first drop-off community composting program in Hilliard is now available to residents, thanks to a SWACO Community Waste Reduction Grant and support from GoZero Services.

GoZero composting buckets are available free of charge to the first 150 Hilliard residents who register here. Residents may also participate by using a bucket of their own.

Once registered, residents can collect a complementary bucket at the City’s new drop-off composting station, located just west of Alt Field at 3740 Municipal Way. Buckets can be emptied any time at the waste drop-off station. GoZero will operate the program and maintain the composting station.

“The GoZero composting program is a new initiative that’s designed to prevent as much organic waste from entering the landfill as possible,” said Operations Crew Leader David Judson. “I’m really looking forward to diversifying our waste reduction program and providing Hilliard residents with another opportunity to make a difference.”

Composting is a natural process of recycling organic materials, such as food and yard scraps. It enriches the soil, which helps retain moisture, reduces the need for fertilizers, and helps plants grow. Composting also diverts the amount of waste sent to landfills and reduces carbon emissions that harm the environment.

The City received more than $9,000 from SWACO to launch the program.

What can be composted?

Fruits, vegetables, grains, pasta, baked goods, beans, coffee grounds, eggs, eggshells, dairy, cooked meat, wood, other plant- and animal-based material, soiled non-coated paper/fiber products, and WITH WRITTEN APPROVAL “BPI certified compostable” plastic products (i.e., trash can liners/bags, forks, spoons, knives, cups, bowls, plates, straws, and other service ware) are accepted.

What cannot be composted

Rocks, stone, glass, all plastics which are not “BPI certified compostable” (i.e., bags, forks, spoons, knives, cups, bowls, plates, straws, and other service ware), metal, steel, tin, aluminum, electronics, Styrofoam, personal health care products, pharmaceuticals, diapers, non-compostable packaging, and coated paper/fiber products.

Residents can contact Hilliard 311 with any questions at 311 or by calling (614) 876-7361.

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