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Clerk of Courts Opens May 11; Mayor’s Court Resumes May 13

Posted May 5, 2020 in Mayor's Court by Mary Smith

Hilliard’s Mayor’s Court will be making some modifications and additional safety precautions when it resumes May 13.

The court be be temporarily relocating to Hilliard City Hall, 3800 Municipal Way. Attendees must wear a mask, wait in their vehicle in the parking lot until they receive a text message or phone call announcing their appointment, and not bring children or other people with them.

To promote social distancing, the court is encouraging those with appearances to consider the online court date option rather than an in-personal appearance.

Payments will not be accepted at City Hall. Payments should be made through the website or over the phone. In-person payments can be made at the Joint Safety Services Building drop box or 24-hour service window at 5171 Northwest Parkway.

The Clerk of Courts will open to the public May 11. Those with court business are encouraged to communicate by phone or email, but may be conducted at the service window at 5171 Northwest Parkway.

For those participating in Hilliard Recovery Court, staff will continue meeting electronically to ensure basic needs are being met, that participants are maintaining recovery support services and counseling, and to provide assistance in avoiding isolation triggers. In addition to online counseling sessions, participants must continue to attend online Alcoholics Anonymous and other online prosocial activities with an emphasis on relapse prevention.

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