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Select ‘Thrown Toys’ May Now Be Used at Both Pools

Posted July 3, 2019 in Administration by David Ball

Beginning July 4, patrons of City of Hilliard swimming pools will be allowed to throw approved toys in the water at both facilities.

Approved toys are squishy, cloth-style balls designed specifically for pool use. Beach balls smaller than 24 inches in diameter also are permitted. Diving rings and diving sticks may be used if they are dropped rather than thrown. Examples of acceptable toys will be on display at both pools.

Pool staff will not allow Nerf balls, footballs and other sports balls, Frisbee-style discs, and other toys not specifically designed for pool use. The “gutterball” game also is prohibited for the safety of all of our swimmers. Patrons are encouraged to check with pool staff before taking toys into the water. 

In addition, patrons at the Clyde “Butch” Seidle Community Pool may play catch or participate in similar activities in the grassy area to the north of the pool, provided their activities do not pose a risk of injury to other patrons.

“The City of Hilliard listened closely to the feedback we have been receiving from pool patrons about our thrown toys policy,” said Mayor Don Schonhardt. “We researched different types of pool toys and have identified those that can be thrown without risk to other swimmers.”

The City’s number one priority will continue to be the safety of every pool user. Pool staff will continue to monitor the use of all thrown toys and may restrict any activity deemed to pose a danger to swimmers.

The pools will continue to allow mesh infant floats and transparent floatation devices less than four feet in diameter. Patrons should check with pool staff before bringing squirt guns of any kind into the pools.

“We believe this is a compromise that allows everyone to enjoy the pools in a safe and responsible way,” Schonhardt said.