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Council Passes Resolution Condemning Racism, Promoting Mutual Respect

Posted October 1, 2020 in Uncategorized by David Ball

Hilliard City Council members took action Monday night to officially condemn racism and other forms of discrimination in the Hilliard community and to identify steps the City will take to promote respect and fair treatment for every individual in the community. Read Resolution 20-R-72.

In passing Resolution 20-R-72, City Council members affirmed their desire to express their “support and encouragement of efforts and actions that will help us realize our highest ideals of Hilliard as a community of inclusion and fair treatment for all residents, businesses, employees and visitors.”

The resolution specifically addresses a number of topics, including requirements that City staff review all policies, programs, and services to ensure equity and a bias-free environment. The resolution addresses requirements to ensure exceptional service for all residents and that the City Manager periodically provide Council a report on the City’s progress in these areas.

Resolution 20-R-72 also includes topics such as staff training, support of statewide law enforcement standards and training, and a requirement that the City hold and promote activities that celebrate our community’s diversity.