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Ephemeral Wildflowers in Hilliard

Ephemeral Wildflowers

Spring ephemerals are a group of native wildflowers that are around for only a short period of time in the early spring, generally in the woods, while the ground is moist and before leaves appear on the trees.

These flowers can be seen for most of the summer, but they are in their glory in the spring when they are blossoming and getting pollinated, producing seeds, and storing energy in their roots or bulbs for the next year.


Found in wooded forests right here in Hilliard, these flowers are the building blocks of biodiversity. Nearly all animals and insects depend on native plants, either for food or some part of their reproductive life cycle. For instance, caterpillars depend on ephemeral wildflowers as host plants. 

It’s important to protect these native flowers from humans and other invasive plants because they take a long time to re-colonize woodlands. A seedling can take more than six years to grow into a mature flowering plant

The Hilliard Area Garden Club has made preserving ephemeral wildflowers a priority through their community clean-up projects. Volunteers have cleared out invasive plants in numerous Hilliard parks to make room for native species, such as ephemeral wildflowers, to grow and thrive.

Humans pose a major threat to ephemeral wildflowers, and collecting them in prohibited. Please be cautious of any flowers you encounter while visiting Hilliard parks, and do not step on or pick them.

Get involved or read more about the Hilliard Garden Club on their website.

Ephemeral Wildflowers Found in Hilliard

  • Bloodroot
  • Drooping Trillium
  • Jack in the Pulpit
  • Large Flowered Bellwort
  • Lowland Fragile Fern
  • Sharp Lobed Hepatica
  • Squirrel Corn
  • White Trout Lily
  • Wild Geranium
  • Wild Ginger
  • Yellow Trout Lily
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