Hate has no place in Hilliard

Posted February 9, 2018 in Community Alert by Andrea Litchfield

The City of Hilliard is aware of racially-targeted fliers and stickers that have been posted on street signs in nearby neighborhoods. The Mayor and City Council are deeply disturbed and would like to release the following statement.

“Racism and hateful messages of any kind will not be tolerated in our community. The City of Hilliard fully supports racial equity and firmly believes that diversity makes our community better and stronger.

The hateful propaganda was concentrated in a neighborhood adjacent to Hilliard and the matter was investigated by the Columbus Division of Police. Even though these messages were not concentrated in Hilliard, they impact the entire community.

We want to ensure that each member of our community feels valued. Hilliard is – and always will be – a place where everyone is respected and protected.

Hate has no place in Hilliard.

The Hilliard Division of Police will take strict actions if people are found defacing any personal or public property in Hilliard.”