Healthy Hilliard

The City of Hilliard Recreation and Parks Department and some of our local partners are working together to help your mind, body, and spirit during the COVID-19 shut-in. It’s important to take care of ourselves in a holistic way, and we’re here to help! Each weekday, we’ll be adding new activities, from fitness and yoga to games and puzzles. What’s coming tomorrow? Check back to see!

Wednesday, June 3, 2020

An important part of staying “healthy” during COVID-19 is your mental health. Chris Nemeth, owner of Nemeth Counseling, has some tips to help you feel in control of your mental health.

Nemeth Counsling is located on Norwich Street in Old Hilliard. Visit their website for more information on virtual appointments.

Previous Healthy Hilliards

Try salt painting for a fun, new way to paint! Your 3D art will look vibrant and crystallized. The best part is it’s easy to set up with materials you likely have at home!

Hilliard’s ponds have remained open during COVID-19 and we encourage you to enjoy fishing, scenic walks and rock skipping.

Have you tried your luck at skipping a rock? Choose a stone as flat as possible and about three to five inches in diameter. Hold onto the stone with your forefinger, middle finger and your thumb. Remember, the art of skipping stones is in the throwing. Flick your wrist at the end of your throw and let go of the stone so it spins off your index finger and lands parallel to the water’s surface. Try and get the flat side of the rock to hit the water when you release it to help skip it off the water. Do not throw it too high or it will not skip. Once your rock bounces more than once, you’ll be skipping!

The world record is 88 skips! How many can you get?

Let’s Play Catch, Hilliard!

Here is how it works:

Receive a ball to your right and throw to your left.

Email your three second clip and address to by Monday, June 1. The title of your email should be “Let’s Play Catch.”

We will use your clips to make a video of everyone playing “catch” together. Your address will help us know far the ball traveled by using GIS.

Watch the video on YouTube.

Once again, our partner SHED Fitness has provided us with a Healthy Hilliard at-home workout to keep you active!

Follow @shedfitnesscolumbus on Facebook and Instagram to stay up-to-date on free virtual class experiences! More information can also be found on their website.

You can view the video on YouTube.

Kids can do fitness, too! This Healthy Hilliard “alphabet workout” challenges kids to complete a unique workout that combines each letter of their name. Continue the challenge by spelling out each day of the week!

View the video on YouTube.

The isolation and disruption of everyday life has been difficult on many people during the COVID-19 pandemic. Shantel Jordan, School-Based Prevention Coordinator for Hilliard Schools, made this “Healthy Hilliard” video to discuss ways to help increase social connectedness and maintain positivity.

Visit for more mental health tips and to learn about their telehealth services.

You can view the video on YouTube.

Learn a new skill, or improve upon an existing one, while you’re home this summer. Lili with Hilliard Music Academy is back with more tips to help enhance your singing voice.

Hilliard Music Academy offers music lessons and classes for all ages. They teach all styles, including, but not limited to: blues, classical, country, jazz, musical theatre, pop, and rock.

You can view the lesson on YouTube.

It’s time for another Healthy Hilliard! Saturday’s theme is physical health.

Our friend Katie with Mat Happy Yoga provided us with a “camel pose” tutorial. This pose opens the entire front body to create space in the chest and lungs to improve your breathing and spinal flexibility.

Visit Mat Happy’s website or Facebook.

View the video on YouTube.

Today is National Peace Officers Memorial Day. On this day, we honor the sacrifice of those who have given their lives serving communities across our country.

Help us pay tribute to those we’ve lost in Ohio by hanging your flag at half-staff today.

You can also use this opportunity to teach kids about the importance of first responders. Have them color this page and email a completed picture to by Sunday, May 17 at midnight. We will share all of the entries on Facebook on Tuesday, May 19.

Healthy Hilliard is about everyone’s overall health. For today’s “challenge,” consider signing a senior citizen that you know up for the Kind Care Call program.

City staff will call these seniors on scheduled days to ensure seniors are safe, or to just chat with them during a time they might feel alone and isolated.

If the senior cannot be contacted, Hilliard Police will check on them in person.

Call (614) 876-0747 between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. weekdays to schedule a Kind Care Call.

Woman answering phone at front desk

National Bike Month is an opportunity to celebrate the unique power of the bicycle and the many reasons we ride. For today’s Healthy Hilliard, take the time to learn some simple bike safety tips from Officer Turner and Officer Pugh with Hilliard Division of Police.

You can view the video on YouTube.

It’s Saturday, which means that today’s Healthy Hilliard is an at-home workout with our partner SHED Fitness!

Follow @shedfitnesscolumbus on Facebook and Instagram to stay up-to-date on free virtual class experiences! More information can also be found on their website.

You can view the video on YouTube.

On this rainy Friday, make a Mother’s Day handprint vase that mom will cherish forever. This one gets a little messy, but that makes it even more fun for the kids!

Light Ohio Blue Week starts on Friday, May 8! This campaign encourages residents and business owners to put up exterior blue lights to show support to law enforcement and a way to honor and pay respects to those who have died in the line of duty.

Kids can help us “Light Hilliard Blue,” too! For today’s Healthy Hilliard, have your kids paint a rock blue and write a message to our first responders. Place your rock in your yard between May 8-15.

We’d love to see your rock!

We hope everyone who participated in the Healthy Hilliard Ride and Seek last Saturday had a great time biking around Hilliard! It was such a success that we decided to do it again this Saturday! The tires will be hidden in new locations at the same parks. Send us a selfie on Facebook or at for another chance to win a prize.

You can find the tires as:

  • Heritage Rail Trail
  • Heather Ridge Park
  • Darby Glen Park
  • Tinapple Park
  • Hilliard’s Station Park
  • Hilliard East Park

Thank you for emailing your photos to us – we received over 100! As promised, we’ve chosen a random winner. Congratulations Heidi Hoyng!

You can view the video on YouTube.

Spiderman from Pretty as a Princess Party in Hilliard left a message to remind all the kids in Hilliard how they can be heroes during the COVID-19 pandemic. Keep up the great work staying at home and washing your hands!

You can watch the message on YouTube.

A litter-free Hilliard is a Healthy Hilliard!

“Make a Difference While You Distance” at the park or on trails. Hilliard Recreation and Parks is asking the next time you or your family head out to a park or trail, consider taking a trash bag and gloves to pick up litter along the way.

How you can help:

Take a bag or bucket and gloves on your next outing.
Pick up litter following the safety guidelines below. Place bag in nearest trash can at the park for Recreation and Parks staff to haul away.
Share photos on social media with #healthyhilliard. Then challenge your friends!
Send your photo and location of your trash to:

What better time to work on your vocal skills than when no one can hear you? Okay, so maybe your family will have to listen – but they’ll thank you in the long run.

Lili, an instructor with Hilliard Music Academy, is here to teach you the basics of singing. You may be surprised to learn that singing properly starts with good posture and breathing.

Hilliard Music Academy offers music lessons and classes for all ages. They teach all styles, including, but not limited to: blues, classical, country, jazz, musical theatre, pop, and rock.

Watch the video on YouTube.

Ms. Thompson with Hilliard Taekwondo Academy made her second Healthy Hilliard video, but this time, she’s focusing on cardio for adults. Cardio is essential for all athletes who can’t practice right now since it keeps you in shape and ready to compete as soon as social distancing is a thing of the past.

Check out all that Hilliard Taekwondo Academy offers on their website:

You can view the video on YouTube.

How about some Healthy Hilliard strength training to start your day in a positive way?

Cam with OSU Sports Medicine Physical Therapy Center at Bo Jackson Elite Sports walks us through a few plank variations that are easy to do in any room of your home.

You can watch the video on YouTube.

Can you find all of the Hilliard parks hidden in this word search? For today’s Healthy Hilliard, just print the puzzle and get your pencil sharpened! Fun fact: all of our parks, along with amenities and a map, can be found on our website!

Electronic learning and homeschooling can be challenging for parents and students. That’s why Kristy, owner and founder of Learning Leaf, wants to help ease the burden for all the families that have kids at home during COVID-19.

Learning Leaf is now offering online tutoring and live classrooms to help kids continue to thrive academically while schools are physically closed. Visit their website or Facebook page to learn more.

You can watch the video on YouTube.

Sunday is a great day for yoga! Join Erin with SHED Fitness for this 40 minute class that will satisfy your mind, body and soul.

Follow SHED Fitness on Facebook and Instagram to stay up-to-date on free virtual class experiences! More information can also be found on their website.

You can view the video on YouTube.

Healthy Hilliard is all about relaxation and self-care today! You can’t get a massage right now, but you can do something special for yourself that will leave your skin hydrated, smooth and soft.

Sharon from Embody Health & Wellness brings the spa to you with a simple body scrub recipe that uses ingredients you likely have at home.

Check out Embody Health and Wellness on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and don’t miss the special offer at the end of the video!

You can view the video on YouTube.

Hard Fought Fitness is the next Healthy Hilliard local business feature!

This family owned fitness studio prepared a “strong squad” workout that kids and adults can do together at home!

Even though their facility is closed due to COVID-19, Hard Fought Fitness still has a lot going on! Check them out on Facebook or Instagram for virtual classes and at-home workout routines led by committed coaches.

You can view the video on YouTube.

Today’s Healthy Hilliard is geared towards senior citizens. Did you know that the National Council on Aging recommended 30 minutes of exercise at least five days a week for those over the age of 65?

Diane, a physical therapist at Orthopedic One, demonstrates some great exercises to help seniors stay active and get strong while at home.

You can view the video on YouTube.

What better day to “dig in the dirt” than on Earth Day? Make your own delicious dirt pudding and discuss the ways that your family can contribute to a greener planet. Download these instructions to use as you follow along. Read more about environmental initiatives in Hilliard:

Watch the video on YouTube.

Learn a new skill and get some exercise while you’re cooped up at home! For today’s Healthy Hilliard, Ms. Thompson with Hilliard Taekwondo Academy teaches us how to “block, duck and jump” – a skill that’s especially valuable to kids who want to learn how to defend themselves.

View the video on YouTube.

We’re thankful for our partner SHED Fitness Columbus because they’ve kept us physically active while staying home during the covid-19 shutdown. If you’re missing the gym, or looking for your next workout, check out this free 30-minute full bodyweight class with Brittany.

You can watch the video on Vimeo.

To celebrate Earth Day join us on a scavenger hunt to show our support for our planet. How many of following things can you find, either walking in the park, your neighborhood, or your own backyard. Then, post your pictures of what you find on our page to share in the experience!

Working from home presents many challenges; one you probably haven’t thought of is how your posture impacts your body. For today’s Healthy Hilliard, Dr. Kevin Sarich from Abundant You Chiropractic and Wellness shares with us the importance of maintaining ergonomics while working from home. Use his helpful home office tips to avoid things like pinched nerves and a rounded back while working on your laptop.

You can view the video on YouTube.

Did you know that you can make prize-worthy art using everyday items such as cereal boxes and paper towel rolls? Becky Rahbeck, local art teacher who also serves on the Hilliard Arts Council, invites you to a virtual pop-up art studio! Using inspiration from famous artists Wassily Kandinsky and Andy Goldsworthy, Becky demonstrates how to get creative with things that you probably have in your home.

You can view the video on Vimeo.

Yoga is a great way to feel better mentally and physically, which is why Rhiannon with Mat Happy Yoga prepared this short sequence for today’s Healthy Hilliard.

Follow the steps in the video to cultivate strength and balance. Rhiannon recommends repeating this flow often to chart your progress.

Check out Mat Happy Yoga this summer at Motivation at the Station! Every Saturday, they will offer free classes at Hilliard’s Station Park at 8 a.m.

You can view the video on Vimeo.

Books are good for the soul, especially when Princess Belle reads them! Gather around for storytime featuring one of Belle’s favorite characters: Olaf from Frozen!

You can view the video on Vimeo.

Everyone loves sidewalk chalk art, and now you can make your own sidewalk chalk “paint” with a few simple ingredients. Once you’re done, be sure to share pictures of your creations with us!

Today’s episode of Healthy Hilliard gets your fingers colorful and your creative juices flowing! Local chalk artist Hilary Frambes — who appears at many City of Hilliard events — partnered to provide this great video showing how you can make great chalk art, too! Download this helpful PDF to get you started.

You can view the video on YouTube.

Today’s a great day to learn a little science and make a little music! And the colorful water in today’s Healthy Hilliard activity is perfect for Easter fun!

It’s game time!

Today’s Healthy Hilliard activity is great for when you’re sitting inside or outside on the patio! Can you complete the novice version? Basic? Challenge? Super challenge? Or are you a sudoku master?

We’re not seeing as much nature right now because we’re staying inside so much. Why not bring nature into your backyard? With a handful of simple items — most of which are already around your house — you can make simple and fun bird feeders for your own back yard! You can download a PDF file for instructions.

You can watch the video on YouTube.

Spider web! Spider web! Does whatever a spider web does!

With just a couple simple items around your house, create a spider web maze — followed up by a game of Night at the Museum! This activity inspires creativity and physical activity. No real spiders were harmed making this game!

You can watch the video on  YouTube.

Ready for a project you and the kids can do together that’s great for your spirit? Sharon Dean from Hilliard-based Embody Health and Wellness partnered with the City to provide this great instructional video teaching us how to make a candle with things you likely already have around the house!

You can view the video on YouTube.

OK, cool chicks and chickens! For today’s “Healthy Hilliard” family activity, let’s get crafty and make some spring chicks for your holiday decor!

All you need are some basic art supplies and a little help from the adults!
Send post a photo of your “egg-cellent” creations! We’d love to see them!

It’s time for another “Healthy Hilliard” fun family fitness video!

Mat Happy Yoga has partnered with Recreation and Parks to create this 10-minute yoga video, “Stretch, Flow and Go! with Kitty.” Feeling slow, grumpy or lethargic? Join Mat Happy Yoga for 10 minutes of joyful movement! Get ready to stretch, flow and get on with you day.

Mat Happy Yoga offers free outdoor yoga classes this summer at 8 a.m. Saturday mornings at Hilliard’s Station Park.

Visit Mat Happy’s website or Facebook.

You can watch the video on YouTube.

Tennis Junior instructor Julie Wood has partnered with Recreation and Parks for this free family activity that introduces basic tennis skills you can try with the kids in your own back (or in your home — but be careful of playing around glass and other breakables!)

Julie was supposed to offer her first class in April, but it was among the classes we had to cancel. That’s no reason to not learn some tennis basics, get a little exercise, and have some family fun!

You can view the video on YouTube.


Brittany from our community partner, SHED Fitness, and her assistant, Hayden, are sharing some great fitness activities both parents and kids can tackle in their own homes!

SHED will offer free outdoor fitness classes this summer at 7 a.m. Saturday mornings at Hilliard’s Station Park, followed by our highly popular yoga classes offered by Mat Happy Yoga.

Follow SHED Fitness Columbus to stay up-to-date on free virtual class experiences! Thank you so much for supporting small businesses in Hilliard.

Make a Healthy Smoothie!
Eating and snacking in a healthy way is a great way to boost your spirits and keep your body going strong while you might be restricted from your normal routine!
Our friends at Coffee Connections in Old Hilliard partnered with the Department of Recreation and Parks to share their simple recipe (and a couple tips) for making a tasty, healthy smoothie!
You can watch the video on YouTube.

Here’s a fun musical activity for parents and kids that you can do with everyday items sitting around your home!

Share a photo of your decorated rain sticks with us — or a brief video of you making beautiful music!

Crossword puzzle

Today’s “Healthy Hilliard” activity is for parents and younger children to participate in together! Click on the image and print out this scavenger hunt, go for a stroll around your neighborhood, and see how many of these items you can find while learning a little bit about nature! (Parents can make this more challenging for older children by adding harder-to-find neighborhood items.) Just be sure to respect social distancing and stay at least six feet away from other scavengers!
While you’re on this hunt, take a picture of your family and the things they find and share them with us on social media!
After doing this weekend’s ‘Healthy Hilliard’ exercises, we think it’s time for a “cheat treat” that parents and the kids can make together. Try these sweet and crunchy snacks while watching a movie with the whole family!

It’s Saturday, and today’s installment of the Recreation and Parks Department’s “Healthy Hilliard” focuses on mind, body, and spirit!

Our great community partner, SHED Fitness, provided this yoga video to help those of you staying at home stay in shape and relax your mind! Find a quiet place away from the kids – or make this a family activity!

Follow this link to the vimeo video.

SHED offers free outdoor fitness classes through Rec and Parks at 7 a.m. Saturday mornings at Hilliard’s Station Park, followed by our highly popular yoga classes offered by Mat Happy Yoga.

Follow @shedfitnesscolumbus on Facebook and Instagram to stay up-to-date on free virtual class experiences! More information can also be found on their website. Thank you so much for supporting small businesses in Hilliard.

Crossword puzzle>Are you ready for your Friday fun “Healthy Hilliard: Body, Mind, and Spirit” challenge?

After yesterday’s SHED Fitness workout that focused on your body, today we are focusing on your mind with a Hilliard and Ohio crossword puzzle parents and their kids can work on together! Just click to on the image to download the puzzle, print it, and get your pencil sharpened!

We’re also inviting Hilliard families to take part in the Healthy Hilliard weekly challenge where you share what you and your families are doing to nurture your body, mind, and spirit while staying at home!

Between now and Thursday, April 2, take a photo or video of what you’re doing to stay busy. Maybe you’re exercising, cooking with the kids, doing arts and crafts, doing STEM experiments, or just being creative!

Next Friday, April 3, we will choose a winner from submissions to receive a swag bag of goodies, to be available for pick-up once re-open the Community Center.

We’re starting today with our great community partner, Brittany McCurdy, owner of SHED Fitness. Starting this summer, SHED will be offering free outdoor fitness classes through Rec and Parks at 7 a.m. Saturday mornings at Hilliard’s Station Park, followed by our highly popular yoga classes offered by Mat Happy Yoga (which, by the way, will be our virtual fitness experience on Monday!)

You can see this days video on SHED Fitness’s Vimeo.

Follow @shedfitnesscolumbus on Facebook and Instagram to stay up-to-date on free virtual class experiences! More information can also be found on their website. Thank you so much for supporting small businesses in Hilliard.