Hilliard officers at Ohio state house

Hilliard Schools and Police Collaborate with Attorney General to Prevent School Violence

Posted February 28, 2020 in Police by Andrea Litchfield

Hilliard City Schools and Hilliard Division of Police joined Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost Wednesday in announcing new curriculum tools that can help school administrators, police, and others across the state focus on stopping school violence before it starts.

The 10 video installments and printed reference guide are designed to help school and safety officials with threat assessment. The tools can help identify persons of concern, assess their risk for violence or other harmful activities, and determine effective ways of managing that risk.

“When a shooter attacks a school, we often learn afterward there were people who knew this person posed a threat. But nothing was done,” said Yost. “We aim to prevent school violence using national proven best practices. The Hilliard Police and Hilliard Schools contributed their expertise to help my office develop these threat assessment training materials. They’re ahead of the curve in implementing these protocols, yet continue to review others’ best-practices. That’s the strength of this program: sharing information to help prevent violence, rather than just reacting to stop it once it’s already happening.”