Do You Know About the Do Not Knock Registry?

Posted May 12, 2017 in Police by Andrea Litchfield

As the cool weather turns warmer, citizens can help the Hilliard Division of Police keep a watchful eye over the city by signing up with the Do Not Knock Registry.

Within the City of Hilliard, there is an ordinance to protect home and business owners from unwanted solicitation. This ordinance allows residents to register their home or business and prohibit canvassers, peddlers, or solicitors of any kind from knocking at their doors.

Signing up is very simple registration process, and it can all be completed online. After providing an address for verification and some basic personal information, the City of Hilliard will send the resident an official sticker to display on the front door or window. This benefits the community by deterring scammers and those looking to commit fraud. The more people who register, the less doors there are for these criminals to approach. Plus, by registering your home or business, police officers can more easily issue citations because they have a reasonable charge. Even if you don’t want to put your home on the Do Not Knock Registry, the City of Hilliard still provides some rules to protect residents. Under the Hilliard City Code, vendors are required to register with the city. Through this registration, the vendor goes through a background check and receives an official ID.

So, if someone comes to your door, be sure to ask to see their ID. If you’re ever questioning their legitimacy, make a quick call to the Hilliard Division of Police at 614-876-7321. A dispatcher will ensure the individual is registered. Help to protect the city! Be sure to register at to keep out unwanted solicitors, and always keep a careful eye on those going door-to-door in neighborhoods.