Leaf Collection to Begin on October 10th

Posted October 6, 2017 in Streets and Public Service by Anna Subler

The City of Hilliard is gearing up for the 2017 residential leaf pick-up season. Services will start on October 10th and continue through the end of the year. This year, there will be four leaf collectors in operation throughout the City.

Be sure to rake your leaves to the area between the sidewalk and the curb. If you don’t have a sidewalk, rake as close to the curb as you can without raking onto the street. Try to keep your leaf piles away from storm drains, trees, parked cars, basketball hoops and mailboxes and make sure there are no sticks or debris in your pile. Avoid parking cars on cul-de-sacs so trucks can get to the leaves.

Collections will occur weekdays between 7:30 a.m. and 3 p.m. and are scheduled by neighborhood zones that can be found on our website at….