Members Appointed for Hilliard’s Charter Review Commission

Posted July 25, 2017 in City Council by Anna Subler

On Monday, July 24, 2017, Hilliard City Council members selected 11 residents to serve on the Charter Review Commission – nine will serve as members and two as alternates.

The Charter Review Commission has been formed to update the City’s Charter, a legal document that establishes a basic framework of law within the City – essentially Hilliard’s constitution. The Charter review process only takes place once every 10 years and is necessary to provide the most efficient operation of government. Over time, communities grow and change. It’s important that the Charter is up-to-date with current issues happening in Hilliard.

The members were carefully selected based on submitted resumes, profession, and residency – to ensure that each of the City’s four wards are represented.

Over the next month, the commission will convene to identify the community’s values and needs, develop a strategy to review and modify the present charter, gather community and City officials’ input on any proposed charter amendments, and submit any proposed charter revisions to City Council for review.

The City of Hilliard welcomes the newly appointed committee members and looks forward to the process that will lead to an updated Charter.


Appointed Members:

Brian Michel, 14-year resident of Hilliard

Kurt O. Gearhiser, 18-year resident of Hilliard

Michael T. Evans, 12-year resident of Hilliard

Ronald Whiteside, 23-year resident of Hilliard

John Bryner, 50-year resident of Hilliard

Scott Brown, 20-year resident of Hilliard

Alex Cofield, 3-year resident of Hilliard

Melinda Dennis, lifelong resident of Hilliard

Tabi McCluskey, 17-year resident of Hilliard




Mel Sims, 20-year resident of Hilliard

Angie Rader, 19-year resident of Hilliard