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National Public Works Week feature: Right-away services crew

Editor’s note: This is the final of three stories this week focusing on the City’s public works teams and the people on those crews who help make Hilliard a great community!

Without an abundance of thriving, well-maintained trees, Hilliard wouldn’t be a Tree City USA community or the beautiful City that it is today. The right-away-service crew is behind the scene ensuring that all City trees are pruned, replaced, and looking their best.

Street trees are those located between the curb and sidewalk. City public workers ensure that the trees don’t interfere with street visibility and stay healthy. If a tree dies, the right-away crew will cut it down and replace it.

This crew is also responsible for managing the chipper service that chips fallen branches and brush throughout the whole City. Crew leader Dan Wilson recently implemented a new schedule for the service, so residents know when to expect their brush collection. “The chipper service is a huge part of what we do,” said Wilson. “My crew makes it to every street in the City once a week.”

Dan’s crew also takes pride in maintaining every resident’s trash and recycling bin. If a container is broken, the crew will either repair it or have it replaced. Residents can make an online 311 request or call the 311 phone line to report a broken bin. “On average, we repair 10-20 bins a week,” Wilson said.

In addition to the crew’s primary responsibilities, there are also everyday tasks that all crews are expected to take care of, such as picking up trash and debris, maintaining signs in the right of way (areas between the road and sidewalk), snow and ice control, filling potholes and leaf collection.

“There’s a level of fulfillment in keeping the city looking it’s best and keeping people safe, especially during a winter storm,” said Wilson. “We hear many praises from residents, and that makes us feel like we are making a difference.”

If you see a Hilliard public work employee in your neighborhood – whether it be this week or next month – please say “hello” and thank them for the work they do to maintain the City.

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