Opportunity Hilliard survey to help plan future development

Posted March 7, 2022 in Development by Andrea Litchfield

The City of Hilliard is seeking input from residents, businesses, and employees to help plan future amenities and development.

The City is in the process of creating its first standalone economic development plan, known as Opportunity Hilliard. The plan will identify strategies to help Hilliard become a hub for business and identify opportunities to enhance the City’s status in the region and nation.

Members of the public are invited to fill out an online survey that asks for feedback on how to best support existing businesses, attract new jobs, and make Hilliard a destination.

Questions also focus on transportation, housing, and parks to address the City’s Hilliard by Design Comprehensive Plan update, which is taking place concurrently with Opportunity Hilliard.

The survey takes about 10 minutes to complete.

The results will be used to help identify the community’s priorities and define the City’s economic development policies.

“This strategy will help Hilliard grow in a responsible way and allow us to attract new companies that provide high-value jobs to our residents,” said David Meadows, City of Hilliard Economic Development Director. “This plan will serve as the framework for Hilliard’s economic development program for the coming years, so it’s vital to gather the community’s input.”

Take the survey here.