Girl posing with pumpkins

Eliminate Pumpkin Waste this Holiday Season

Posted October 25, 2021 in Your Community by Anna Subler

Instead of throwing Mr. Jack-o-Lantern in the trash, residents of Hilliard can drop off their pumpkins and gourds at the City’s first pumpkin composting collection event.

Beginning Friday, Oct. 29, the day after Trick or Treat, there will be two collection bins at the Hilliard Municipal Building, located at 3800 Municipal Drive, for pumpkin composting.

Pumpkin composting is free. All pumpkins will be taken to a composting facility where they will be turned into a valuable soil additive. Compost improves soil quality, reduces erosion, reduces greenhouse gases, and decreases the need for chemical fertilizers. Collection bins will be available for pumpkin disposal through Friday, Dec. 3. Please remove paint, candles, wax or other non-organic material from pumpkins.

Drop-off is free and open to anyone who wants to help reduce waste in central Ohio.