Yes, the Hilliard Division of Police provides tours for school-age children and adults. Hilliard residents should call 614-334-2321 to coordinate a time between 9 a.m. and 8 p.m. Tours last about an hour and are tailored to the ages of the tour group.

For ages 12 and under, curfew is from dark to dawn unless with a guardian or on a legitimate errand. From ages 13 to 17, the hours are from midnight to 6 a.m. unless with a guardian, on a legitimate errand or traveling to or from work.

Yes, you can obtain an accident report taken by the Hilliard Police on the police records page.

Let us know by calling the non-emergency line of the Hilliard Division of Police 614-876-7321. If more than one residence reports a disturbance, we will investigate the noise complaint.

City code prohibits vehicles from parking on the street for more than 24 hours. The first violation is a minor misdemeanor and subsequent violations within one year are subject to increasing fines and penalties. On-street parking of recreational vehicles is limited to two hours and parking of commercial vehicles is limited to one hour unless for a legitimate service.

Yes. The Hilliard Division of Police has officers and detectives who can speak on a variety of topics with a two-week notice. To request a speaker for an upcoming event or meeting, call 614-334-2321.

Yes, however the vehicle owner must consent to the risk of possible damage from the use of the entry equipment. The Hilliard Division of Police will assume no liability if the vehicle is damaged. To request an officer for assistance, call 614-876-7321. Learn more about police services.

The Norwich Township Fire Department can gain entry through overhead garage doors. To request assistance, call the Fire Department at 614-876-7694. The police department can also send an officer to the residence, however, there is no assumption that the officer will force entry.

In a true emergency situation, call 911. If you want to report a crime, accident or have an officer dispatched to your location, call 614-876-7321. For police records, general questions or assistance, call 614-876-2429.

Contact the Hilliard Division of Police at 614-876-7321 or Franklin County Animal Control at 614-462-3400.

Children younger than four years old or under 40 pounds must be in a child restraint safety seat. Children younger than eight years old and shorter than 4’9’’ must be in a booster seat.

The dispatcher asks questions so that the responding officers have all the necessary information and fully understand the situation. It’s important for the police to know the situation’s severity, how many officers to send and the priority of the emergency run.

Submit your request for a street closure to the Chief of Police at 5171 Northwest Parkway or email your request to hilliardpolice@hilliardohio.gov. Include your request form, the date and time of the event, a list of addresses impacted, signatures from affected parties and the contact person’s name, address and phone number. There is no fee. Once your request is approved, you will receive the permit by email or mail. For more information call Hilliard 311.

Open burning is prohibited within city limits without a burning permit. For more information, call the Norwich Township Fire Department at 614-876-7694.

Call the Norwich Township Fire Department at 614-876-7694 with any questions regarding Knox Boxes or Key Lock Boxes.

No, we do not offer fingerprinting or background checks. The Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation requires that all requests for Ohio civilian background checks be submitted electronically through use of WebCheck or other approved methods. Visit the Ohio Attorney General’s website to find an authorized Webcheck location.

No, you must contact the Bureau of Motor Vehicles at 614-752-7500.

No, you must contact the Bureau of Motor Vehicles at 614-752-7500.

If you received a speeding ticket from the Hilliard Division of Police, call the Hilliard Clerk of Courts at 614-876-7361, ext. 527 or 503, Monday through Thursday between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. In some cases, you will receive the fine amount when you are given the ticket.

No, you can contact AEP Ohio at 1-800-277-2177 for estimated restoration times.

You may obtain a vendor’s license from the Hilliard Division of Police. The application lists the required documents and fee.

You can apply for a dog license through the Franklin County Auditor.