Taxes Q&A

All Hilliard residents who are 18 and older must file a tax return with the City of Hilliard every year, regardless of whether they owe money or pay local income taxes to another municipality.

Residents can file taxes electronically or use the income tax return form available through the Regional Income Tax Agency (RITA), which processes City income tax returns and collects the taxes that are due.

The deadline to submit your tax return in 2022 is April 18, 2023.

Any earned income is taxable. More info can be found at

Retirement income, unemployment income and certain disabilities are not considered taxable incomes. More information can be found at

Hilliard gives credit to taxes paid in other cities up to 2.5%. So, if you work in another municipality where income taxes are 2.5% or higher, you will pay no income taxes to the City of Hilliard. However, you still must file a local income tax form, even if you pay taxes to another municipality.

City Hall (3800 Municipal Way)

All mail correspondences and payments go to the Regional Income Tax Agency.

For income tax, Regional Income Tax Agency.

As of January 1, 2022 the tax rate is 2.5%.

Please contact either your employer or the IRS.

To determine if you are within the Hilliard City Limits for income taxes:

  • Contact the tax office to verify at (614) 334-2369
  • Do a FCA property search
  • City of Hilliard streets have blue street signs. City of Columbus signs are green and City of Dublin signs are brown.

Contact the Franklin County Auditor’s Office at (614) 525-4663 or access their website at

Please contact the City of Hilliard Finance, Law or Police departments.

This can vary from person to person. Please visit

Trusts are not taxed by the City of Hilliard.

For more information or if you have additional questions, call the City of Hilliard at (614) 876-7361 ext 778 or the Regional Income Tax Agency (RITA) at