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Recreation and Parks in the Spotlight this July

Sign for Parks and Rec Month

One of the most important investments local government makes to improve quality of life is the provision of parkland, green space, parks amenities and diverse recreational opportunities.

Each July is National Parks and Recreation Month, which is an appropriate time to recognize the many reasons Hilliard residents are fortunate to live in a community that prioritizes investment in recreation and parks.


Active lifestyles are critical in fighting obesity and its related health problems. Our investment in parkland and amenities is key to the Recreation and Parks Department’s ability to improve the physical fitness of this community. Public parks provide free access to recreation facilities and unstructured spaces that encourage physical activity.

The City is committed to providing diverse recreational programs, facilities and opportunities for all of our residents. We offer aquatics facilities the entire family can enjoy together and children’s playgrounds to get kids away from video games and into the great outdoors. Hilliard has athletics fields for team sports and multipurpose trails for bike rides or a quick jog. Our parks host amenities as diverse as tennis courts, horseshoe pits, disc golf courses, and rentable shelters.

We strive to offer something for everyone. (OK, maybe we don’t have quidditch fields yet, but who knows what the future will bring?)

Quality of life

It’s easy to look at parks and green space and forget all the aesthetic, environmental, physical and psychological benefits they offer.

In addition to beautifying Hilliard, green spaces are important to the environment. They conserve and create habitats for wildlife and plants, absorb rainwater, and reduce the effects of urban heat islands. They provide much-needed shade and clean the air we breathe. (U.S. urban trees alone remove 75,000 tons of air pollutants annually!)

Studies have shown that people living in greener areas have better mental health, recover from surgeries faster, possess stronger immune systems, and have lower stress. But we don’t need studies to prove that parks improve our lives. There’s nothing better after a stressful day than exercise or time outside to lift your spirits.

Even passive leisure activities such as reading or just sitting on a park bench are shown to improve mood, reduce stress and enhance a sense of wellness.

Financial benefits

A community that prioritizes recreation and parks is investing in quality of life for its residents. While that means people living in Hilliard have ready access to amenities such as the Senior Center, concerts in Old Hilliard, youth summer camps, Freedom Fest and so much more, these amenities also have a positive impact on property values.

So, the next time you’re driving by one of the community’s open spaces, playing in one of our parks, or enjoying one of the Department of Recreation and Parks’ great programs and events, remember that all of these great amenities are possible because the City of Hilliard values recreation and parks.

All of which makes Hilliard a great place to live, work and play.

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