Officer looking through binoculars

Request HPD Services Online with New Feature

Posted March 7, 2019 in Police by Andrea Litchfield

Do you have a traffic concern to share with police? Are you planning to leave town and would like to have Hilliard police officers keep an eye on your home? Hilliard residents can now conveniently request those services online with new features on the City of Hilliard’s website. First, make sure you are within the Hilliard Division of Police’s jurisdiction. Then, file your traffic concern or house watch request using our convenient online system.

Traffic concernsIf there are cars speeding through neighborhoods, running stop signs, or committing any other traffic-related violations, residents are encouraged to report that activity to the Hilliard Division of Police. Requests are submitted to the agency’s Traffic Safety Unit. The data is tracked as part of the Safe Hilliard Initiative, which aims to reduce crashes and crime.

Vacation house watchThose wishing to submit a vacation house check can also do so online. Our officers will make periodic checks of your home while you’re away to help keep your property safe while you’re enjoying your trip!