A security camera mounted to the wall

Residents can support Hilliard Police investigations with security camera list

Posted August 21, 2019 in Police by Andrea Litchfield

Hilliard Division of Police is asking residents and business owners to help prevent and solve crimes by adding their security cameras to a confidential list the division can refer to when performing investigations.

If an incident occurs in a neighborhood, police can quickly check with residents and businesses to see if their cameras may have recorded information that could help in an investigation.

“This list is totally private,” said City Director of Safety Services Jim Mosic. “No one will have access to any recorded information without the owner’s permission. This voluntary sign-up simply lets police know if owners of nearby cameras are willing to help Hilliard Police keep this community safe.”

Anyone who registers a camera can remove themselves from the list at any time.

Devices might include doorbell, exterior and interior cameras that would potentially capture images of a person or vehicle outside.

“When an incident occurs now, police officers often go door-to-door to seek any cameras in the area,” Mosic said. “This time-consuming process can delay an arrest. Adding a camera to our confidential list allows HPD to see who has told us they have cameras in the area and if they are willing to help us quickly move forward with our investigation.”

The process to include your cameras is simple and only takes a few minutes to complete. You will be asked for some basic contact information and video retention time.

This information is confidential, and no one can access information without the owner’s knowledge. Representatives from HPD will contact owners to request information if needed. Owners of all footage have the option of declining to provide it to HPD.

To participate, please visit