The City of Hilliard with the water tower in the skyline

Social Distancing “the City of Hilliard Way”

Posted April 21, 2020 in Community Alert by Anna Subler

Social distancing is just as critical now as it was a month ago.

As the weather improves and more people want to spend time outside, please remember to social distance “the Hilliard way.” Help keep Hilliard parks and trails open by following these rules:

Do not use parks and trails if you are exhibiting symptoms.

Maintain 6 feet of distance (or about half of a police cruiser) when passing others, even if that means stepping off the path.

Share the trail and warm others of your presence as you pass.

Be prepared for limited access to public restrooms and drinking fountains.

Remember, if you have to run errands or report to work, remain six feet (about two roundabout traffic signs) away from non-household family or friends.

We can all do our part to limit the spread of COVID-19!