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Be “Snow Safe” This Winter!

Snow plow plowing the roads

Icy, snow-covered sidewalks are more than just inconvenient for pedestrians and dog walkers. They’re also dangerous! 

The City reminds residents and business owners that they are responsible for removing snow and ice from their sidewalks. When removing the snow from sidewalks and driveways, remember that you cannot just shovel or plow things into the street!

How else can you be “snow safe?”

Although it’s not required, the folks from Local Waste will appreciate it if you clear space for your trash and recycling bins to provide easy access. 

Your mail carriers also appreciate it if they have a clear path to your mailbox, so clear your sidewalks and the path they normally take when moving across your property!

Finally, move all vehicles off City streets when snow and ice is in the forecast. Our “snow warriors” do their best to clear streets as quickly and thoroughly as possible, and parked vehicles make their jobs much tougher!

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