GoZero Community Composting Program

Hilliard’s Community Composting Program invites residents to participate in simple, effective actions to support sustainability. By composting the food waste in your home, you can help divert waste from the landfill and reduce carbon emissions that harm the environment.

What can and cannot be composted in Hilliard?

Yes No
Fruit and veggie scraps Diapers
Coffee grounds and filters Compostable bags, utensils, and containers
Teabags Dairy products
Grains Meat, fish, and bones
Eggshells and nuts Fats, grease, and oils
Dried and cut flowers Plastic, metals, and glass

What can be composted?

Fruits, vegetables, grains, pasta, baked goods, beans, coffee grounds, eggs, eggshells, dairy, cooked meat, wood, other plant- and animal-based material, soiled non-coated paper/fiber products, and WITH WRITTEN APPROVAL “BPI certified compostable” plastic products (i.e., trash can liners/bags, forks, spoons, knives, cups, bowls, plates, straws, and other service ware) are accepted.

What cannot be composted?

Rocks, stone, glass, all plastics which are not “BPI certified compostable” (i.e., bags, forks, spoons, knives, cups, bowls, plates, straws, and other service ware), metal, steel, tin, aluminum, electronics, Styrofoam, personal health care products, pharmaceuticals, diapers, non-compostable packaging, and coated paper/fiber products.

Coming Soon…

Raw meat, bones, seafood, and shellfish are accepted on a case-by-case basis. GoZERO will be able to accept these items all the time as soon as its community food waste compostery is up and running. Stay tuned for more on this.

If in doubt, don’t include it without first getting approval.

How to compost in Hilliard

GoZero composting buckets are available free of charge to the first 150 Hilliard residents who register. Residents may also participate by using a bucket or one of their own.

Once registered, residents can collect a complementary bucket at the City’s new drop-off composting station, located just west of Alt Field at 3740 Municipal Way. Buckets can be emptied any time at the waste drop-off station. GoZero will operate the program and maintain the composting station.